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Re: Fwd: N3td3v
From: n3td3v <xploitable () gmail com>
Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2008 17:44:02 +0100

On Sat, Sep 13, 2008 at 4:28 PM, Mario D <phisher_hunter () yahoo com> wrote:
OMFG!!!  Who, other than you, really gives a shit?  Quit wasting my inbox space with your narcissistic crap please....


This is an unmoderated mailing list, get with the script, if you don't
like the people who send you messages unsubscribed or filter the
'n3td3v' tag.

I was in talks with John Cartwright years ago, and he was sympathetic
that Robert Lemos and Neal Krawetz had written about me, and vowed to
keep me on Full-Disclosure just to stick two fingers upto those guys.

I'm not going away, the Robert Lemos and Neal Krawetz smear campaign
just justified a reason to keep posting messages.


They tried to say I was a blackhat who is a bad guy and is withholding
zero-day from the public, and also accused me of hiding myself by
using keyboard obscurity.

They also accused me of being three people.

Then someone from the Sunbelt blog made out to the public that there
was a hunt for n3td3v, which could in turn cause n3td3v to be harmed
by the public.

I was also accused of being a hacker called Gobbles.

Its true that n3td3v has already been harmed mentally by the false
reporting the misinformation. Although paranoia about being harmed
because of a false hunt for n3td3v was also reported on the Sunbelt

I began to think there was a hunt for n3td3v and that the intelligence
services would need to investigate me in real life because of the
Securityfocus report.

n3td3v was never anonymous and even if I was anonymous, n3td3v has
done nothing that would need a hunt.

My name and information is now public, so if anyone has a problem with
me, come and get me or shut the fuck up. Robert Lemos and Neal Krawetz
is probably plotting a new way to write disinformation about me, but
yeah well im not phased, i'll just bill you with the medical bills.

The reason I keep mentioning MI5 is out of paranoia about the
implications of the Securityfocus report, and that I might be
investigated in real life and have my life intruded upon.

Thank you so much Robert Lemos and Neal Krawetz for screwing with my
head, you done a good job. I also dropped out of univeristy through
the stress, again thanks for not letting me leave the mailing list
like I originally tried to do, you had to report about me and bring me

MI5 were probably investigating me in real life anyway because I was
on the first ethical hacker university degree of its kind in the
united kingdom, but reporting about me just put the nail on the coffin
in that sense.

Obviously im not a bad guy or I would be in jail right now.

I'm glad I dropped out anyway, thanks.

I said viva end of n3td3v, Robert Lemos and Neal Krawetz said no, they
encouraged me to come back. So when I dropped out of university and
was bored with no social life again, I decided to come back to the
mailing list. I will probably be back at another university if I
disappear again, but I won't announce im leaving next time, because
that will just encourage reporting again.

All the best,


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