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Re: The new 'cyber politica' mailing list thats planned for the non-technical elite
From: n3td3v <xploitable () gmail com>
Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2008 20:42:24 +0100

It is serious, like most of my posts. I'm not a troll, maybe gobbles
was, but im not related to him. robert lemos just wrote bullshit to
flame me trying to say I was gobbles. I hadn't even known anything
about him (gobbles) until after I started posting to the list. It just
seems to be a coincidence that gobbles left the list and then n3td3v
appeared. we're not connected in any shape or form. I originally came
on the list to talk about yahoo and a certain employee who works there
who backstabbed me and my friends, by giving me intelligence about the
inner workings of yahoo to me in return for intelligence about hackers
in the yahoo scene at the time. He used this information to get a job
as a yahoo messenger security engineer. He now works as a senior yahoo
software engineer, and for years i've complained to yahoo about him,
but yahoo can't take action without conclusive evidence, even though
there is plenty of suggestive evidence. He is probably still feeding
out information to hackers in exchange for information about yahoo
hackers, and he could possibly be coding backdoors into yahoo software
for the intelligence services in a covert operation which yahoo
officials don't know about. And, some members of the yahoo security
team are also part of it, and are stopping the claim about the
employee getting passed to the management of yahoo who would
investigate the employee more seriously. For years ive sent info to
the yahoo security team about this individual, but they don't
communicate back if the intelligence is being taken seriously or if
they just trash what I say. The employee in question was originally
part of the yahoo hacker scene, he got head hunted through another
employee and fast tracked into the company as and when it was obvious
yahoo was becoming a multi-nation corporation. He told me none of his
other co-workers knew he got fast tracked into yahoo, and that its a
secret how he got in. He has used 'intelligence' methods to get higher
and higher into the corporation, exchanging intelligence about yahoo
for intelligence about yahoo hackers. He was originally in the
military in france then for some mysterious reason he dropped
everything, moved to U.S and began working in yahoo. Ain't most
intelligence officers have military background to begin with? There
are tons of suggestive evidence about him, but nothing thats
conclusive that can oust him from the company.

All the best,


On Sun, Sep 21, 2008 at 7:58 PM, AaRoNg11 <aarong11 () gmail com> wrote:
It refers to neither. I'm sorry, i'm new to this list so I assumed that
n3td3v's post was serious.

On Sun, Sep 21, 2008 at 7:48 PM, Razi Shaban <razishaban () gmail com> wrote:

Aaron, there's something you don't seem to get here. n3td3v is a
troll. I'm hoping that eleven refers to your college graduation year
and not your high school graduation; if it's the first you might know
what a troll is. If not, look it up.


Aaron Goulden

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