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very strange emails (email 1/2) Fwd: Sorry I did not reply sooner
From: cissp79 <cissp79 () gmail com>
Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2008 06:34:44 +0500

ive received 2 very strange emails and not sure why they have arrived in my

this is a private address (not subscribed anywhere..only subscribed to FD
now) and i do not receive any spam on this address

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: You Willnotfindme <neo1931 () hotmail com>
Date: Mon, Sep 22, 2008 at 5:40 AM
Subject: Sorry I did not reply sooner

My Name is Neo, I don't come from an organisation I don't want any of your
details i just want to let you know;
Everything you do is watched monitored and recorded the NSA, MI6 operate a
program called Echelon (look it up on google) It tracks every digital
communication e-mail, phone calls you name it the program tracks it. In
Yorkshire (UK) there is a "listening post" this post alone receives over 2
Million streams of data every hour.

Pretty much everything you see and hear is propaganda trying to make you
agree with the opinions of the government. The government has a lot more
going on then you could ever imagine. Believe it or not the speed the twin
towers fell was at a rate which would mean that there were multiple blasts
happening at the same time on all the different levels of the building. The
BBC announced that the twin towers had fallen a full 20 Minutes before they
actually fell.

I say we rise up against the government and destroy the system. I say we get
rid of echelon, the program is only as good as its creator. We should
eliminate the government in the hope of a utopian society. We should all
wipe the slate clean kill the people that make it tainted.

I know that to do so would require bloodshed but the overall sacrifice would
be worth it knowing that our children and our children's children were free.

Kind Regards,
P.s You can e-mail me back if you wish

Those who sacrifice freedom for safety deserve neither

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