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Re: Google Chrome Browser Vulnerability
From: n3td3v <xploitable () gmail com>
Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2008 00:33:58 +0100

On Thu, Sep 4, 2008 at 5:46 PM, Chris Pritchard
<mailinglist () brainiacghost co uk> wrote:
I don't think it's "your" list, and even if it was, you didn't have to be so
rude about it

Its Gadi Evron's list because Mossad told him to make it so. Who's
really in control of the propaganda on this mailing list, Gadi Evron,
he gets quoted in all the journalist articles as soon as he spams some
new claim about which country is to blame for a cyber attack, and the
journalists believe him, then it becomes the true version of events...
even if its not really.

Thats why I think its time for journalists to rethink who the
"trusted" security professionals are and who is gaming the system for
political outcomes, that an intelligence agency has told them to make

Its true that Full-Disclosure is a powerful platform, and all it needs
is a couple of Gadi Evron's and Dancho Danchev's spamming what the
"truth" is and everyone goes with it.

I find it suspicious that Dancho Danchev was a standard blogspot
blogger one week, then after about two posts on Full-Disclosure was
suddenly upgraded to the Zdnet zero-day blog... splitting out more
information about cyber attacks and which country is to blame.

We've got to keep an eye on the so-called "trusted" security
professionals now, because they are trying to game the system for a
political end, the intelligence services in U.S are responsible for a
number of cyber attacks, which have been blamed on other countries and

I post proof that Marcus Sachs wants to influence the political system
in America at the highest level of government, so his group can get
lots of money.

So we know the mind set which is going on right now, so its not like I
haven't post proof, intelligence agencies and certain "trusted"
security professionals want control of "cyber" and they will do
anything they can to get it. We must proceed with caution and think
carefully about who is telling the truth before quoting "trusted"
security professionals from now on.

The Marcus Sachs Youtube video is extremely damaging for the security
industry, what the true intentions are of some people and how power
hungry they are. Would Marcus Sachs, Gadi Evron and Dancho Danchev etc
tell a lie to become more powerful, you bet they would, especially if
being leaned on by certain rogue elements of the intelligence

The truth is, there are people out there looking to ramp up cyber
security as a national security agenda, even though naturally cyber
security is no where near being a national security issue, they still
want to ramp it up anyway because it will give them power and money in
an area that has yet to be decided upon.

"Cyber" is like a new area, and folks are racing to become the leaders
of cyber before one another, thats why its a dangerous time right now
and there is lots of propaganda flying around the mailing lists as
soon as a cyber attack happens, which are probably false flags anyway
created by the very people who are on Youtube videos looking for ways
to become powerful with lots of money.

I found the Cnet news article that goes with the Youtube video, we
have *some* of the people that are power hungry in the photograph
thats on the Cnet News article.

'Cybersecurity commission' to proffer advice to next president

We've got to follow these people around in real life, monitor their
internet connection and phone calls to see who are have discussions
with, so no foul play happens because they are so desperate to impress
the next administration.

All the best,


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