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Cambiumgroup customers get hacked fast!
From: angrycustomer () hushmail com
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2009 15:44:19 -0500

Thought this might be the place to send this. We were using the 
content system that cambiumgroup created and it resulted in me 
losing my job because my employer got hacked. When I googled them I 
found this posting in google's cache.

Hello everyone I would like to share this post with everyone here 
on my site. I would like to talk about
the safety of your email accounts and what is being done to protect 
them. Why its important that the
owner of a web development company understands what they are doing. 

    Well email accounts are prolly the most vulnerable part of any 
web server. Simply because email accounts are typically the most 
benifical to someone who is trying to breach your webserver. It is 
profitable for a hacker to breach an email account. Why? Well why 
is it profitable for you to do an email blast. The same reason it 
is for a hacker to do one.

     I was working for a company in St. Johnsbury Vermont (Cambium 
Group LLC) for a couple of months. I was hired to do a backlog of 
projects that the lead developer obviously wasnt capable of doing. 
While I was working at this place I had noticed that someone had 
unauthorized access to the companies internal webservers. I 
mentioned to the owner of the company that someone had unauthorized 
access to the web server. 

    He thought that I was crazy that someone could have possibly 
done that. I simply couldnt sleep at night. 
I checked the webserver and found they were using a website 
monitoring service that had been hacked
into. Meaning there was a program that they used that access all of 
the client webservers from there development server. Upon talking 
to the owner and Secretary of this company. I learned that either
one of the owner of Cambium group or the Sales lady would admit 
that there was a problem. They 
were to worried about protecting a reputation than securing a web 

     After this incident I decided to do a further investigation. 
Upon closing my investigation I learned that
the people that I was working for were selling a very unsecured 
content management system to Credit Unions. They had told me they 
wanted me to protect there clients accounts and websites. However
when I mentioned that there were alot of security holes they didnt 
want to take action to protect there
customers. They simply did not care. I would like to make everyone 
aware of all of the problems that I found when working with 
http://www.cambiumgroup.com .

 1)  I found that all of there webservers use the same 
configuration. Big no no when you are working with

 2) I found that large volumes of spam was being sent from company 
and customer email accounts. Many
customers were complaining that emails where being sent that they 
never sent. 

 3) I found that adding malformed urls to there content management 
system will allow a remote user to run mysql queries directly on 
there database.

 4) I found that the admin password is the same on 100 websites 

 5) I found that the content management system would vulnerable to 
bolth html injection and sql injection.

 6) I found that there lead developer Jason Leno only knows basic 
programming skills and denies that the
someone would be able to cause a problem due to the above issues. 

 7) I found that the web forms they were using on there Content 
Management system would allow someone to send an email to a mailing 
8) I found that Scott Wells and Shari Choinard had no interest in 
protecting there customers from the above issues.

9) I found out that they were charging $20,000 - $50,000 for an 
application that opens up the clients
to the above vulnerabilities.  

10) After working at this company for 2 months I learned that the 
secretary Shari, and Scott Wells live together and neither one of 
them knows anything about computer programming. 

    I am putting this posting here so to protect the customers of 
that company. I know there are paying alot
of money for what they got and for the amount of money they are 
charged they should not be opened up
to these security problems.

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