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[Mailing list Vulnerability] Troll exploit of mailing lists and newsgroups
From: mrx <mrx () propergander org uk>
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2009 15:37:25 +0100

I am new to this list, I am new to IT security, I have so far
contributed very little if anything of actual value to this list.
I have gained much insight from the vast majority of posts here, I will
hopefully continue to do so.

There are some intelligent and wise persons contributing to this list,
then there are the trolls and those that encourage them by responding to
their inane and or banal mutterings and diatribe. The temptation to
belittle the ignorant troll is there, it is always there, but this is
just food for them.

This mail list is becoming more like a newsgroup with the bitching,
backbiting and childish behaviour. Regardless of skill or ability,
professionalism should reign supreme here. We are hardly paragons to our
ilk if we respond in such a churlish manner or even respond at all to
those who seek to disrupt the integrity of this list with mere words,
outlandish claims and immature ranting.

All unmoderated mailing lists and newsgroups are ripe for the troll
exploit. However it can easily be mitigated, for without attention the
troll shrivels and dies.

Please do not feed the trolls for they are never sated. Please do keep
the information flowing, I need all the help I can get. And thanks to
the professionals for their contributions make a difference.

A leet version of this text is not available, however please feel free
to create one and keep it to yourself, full disclosure is not required
in this instance.


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