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Re: AntiSec Lamers Exposed
From: laurent gaffie <laurent.gaffie () gmail com>
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2009 19:06:48 -0400

Hi there,

First of all i dont care about antisec, antisex, anti-sec, n3td3v trolls,
and anti-se*
But i'll be speaking only about FACTS :

You have to prove by A+B, that this man {who ever he is} was really behind
his computer while this crime was done, and that his computer wasn't
compromised by someone, and this is a real pain in the ass to prove. that's
why so many cyber-criminals can escape so easily from justice.

Your only chance would be, in this case would be to have a scared personne
confessing  his crime under pressure, unless that, good luck you need more
than a whois and some logs.


2009/7/28 antisec exposed <antisec-exposed () null net>

Hmm, he thinks he is untouchable because he cant think of any hackers in
Saudi being arrested. Also he thinks his ip doesn't matter cause he may have
used a proxy in his hacking. Well I suppose taking credit for it over and
over and over like it is your life's achievement doesn't matter eh?

Let's face it antisec, you are LAME. No one gives a shit about your cause.
The only noteworthy hack you have done is imageshack which will also be your
undoing. Let;s do a lil recap of your so great achievements.

-astalavista.com - lame spammy site with dead forum, who gives a shit? And
secondly who even took them seriously in the first place? No one. That's
-ssanz - Who the fuck is ssanz? Some kid running a server management
company from his laptop? Who the hell even heard of him much less took his
site and services seriously? Wow, you sure have changed the world with this
hack, how dare some 15 year old kid advertise secure server management. You
really taught the rest of us a lesson.
-secureservertech - jesus fucking christ, has anyone even seen this site? A
shitty no name hosting company with a shitty template monster template
offering secure web hosting. You got to be kidding me, yet another company
no one has heard of much less take anything they say seriously. What another
great achievement there, you really are changing things, Gee the entire
internet depended on them for secure web hosting. /sarcasm
-infosec.org.uk - yet another no name security site/security expert no one
gives a shit about.

All of your fine select targets shows you are just a bunch of kiddies who
happened to get a a few good exploits which you no doubt did not write. If
you really wanted to "teach us all a lesson" and punish anyone who dare
advocates security why not go after someone we have all actually heard of?
like securityfocus, synmatec, etc? Im sure everyone knows the answer - you
just simply arent able to.

Kids like you pop up ever few years and get swatted down like the lil flies
you are. Within a month I guarantee you and your hrdev buddies will be
arrested. Keep on thinking you are untouchable, you are not.

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Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.
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