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Pwnie Award Acceptance
From: Professor Micheal Chatner <mchatner () gmail com>
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2009 00:23:32 -0700

Hello Fellow Colleagues and Compatriots,

Since I was unable to attend the Pwnie awards to accept my award for
Best Research regarding my groundbreaking computer security gender
research I thought I would send my acceptance to Full Disclosure.

I would just first like to say that this pwnie awards amazing. its
such a great honor to be included in the biggest circlejerk of the
entire security industry. Alexander Sotirov is a judge for an award
that he is also the nominee of. This is somewhat like paying off the
judges of a homosexual special olympics except possibly even more
retarded and more homosexual. Speaking of homosexuality are you aware
that the #1 occupation of transexuals is computer security? I have
composed studies on this astounding fact and it has been proven that
looking like a woman increases your prominence in this field
exponentially. You think having a CISSP makes you more employable? Try
adding a plastic vagina, it doesnt matter if you have a manface. Take
for instance shyama rose, and jacob appelbaum. The only reason that
they are somewhat respected is because of their gaping scenewhoring
vaginas. I mean really, how else could those vegan faggots get a job.

Anyways, enough about statistics and hormone medication, the majority
of you are worthless transgendered whores when you really start to cut
hairs. Real fucking hackers are out doing real things not making fake
headlines about fake end of the world scenarios to create more fake
money. For example real hackers spend their time hacking you fat ugly
fucks. Wink Wink Dan Kaminsky. Hope your jewnosed girlfriend is okay
with you cheating on her with girls like rh0ya at Toorcamp and most
likely Blackhat (also on okcupid www.okcupid.com/profile/effugas ).
Wink Wink Kevin mitnick. Hope you realize you are the topmost
disrespected man in the entire computer industry. The only people who
look up to you are in binrev. Wait they got owned too... what a
coincidence. Wink Wink Dark Tangent. Congratz on your new fed status
by the way. I hope you are real proud of yourself attaining the title
of cybersecurity wizard that nobody fucking cares about.

Back to what I originaly wanted to say. This pwnie award is a great honor.

Professor Micheal Chatner, MD, CISSP

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