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AntiAntiSec / Endgame
From: AntiAnti Sec <antiantisec () gmail com>
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 2009 23:55:13 -0500

Dear Antisec,

We regret to inform you that your movement will be short lived. You see,
while you have stated that you would "rm everything", we can do much worse,
and have. You seem to think that all of us are corporate people, but the
security industry encompasses many, many fine folk, from the largest
corporations, to the blackest of the black operation. We have seen things
and done things in our careers that we can never say. We have used time on
supercomputers that you have never, ever seen, much less heard of. In some
of our worlds, the term "contractor" doesn't mean what you think it means.
And we have subpoenas and guns.

Gone are the days of rehabilitating criminals to lead a productive life. In
the early days, we needed people like you. We needed talent, and we didn't
care where we found it. Getting caught wasn't a "game over" moment for many,
simply because those people taught us things. And we learned rapidly. The
Internet is no longer a pet project, but essential to many folk's way of
life. And we use it for communication, for business, and yes, even to
protect little snots like yourselves.

We no longer need you. We now have the skills in our ranks to perform the
same magic that you do. We teach these skills to our military. The concepts
of electronic warfare forged by you in the 1990s are now our Standard
Operating Procedure, only 1000 times more in depth. We can exploit
vulnerabilities in the name of this country, and we do. We protect what we
were sworn to protect.

This is your notice, antisec. You thought that you could get away with your
little imagehack escapade. You think that hiding in a hushmail account will
save you... who do you think owns hushmail? You think your friends are
trustworthy. Look around you, and look again, and tell us who is now
missing. This was not an accident. And it is sad that such talent had to go
to waste, but you insisted.

Your encryption will not help you, and your little phone calls have not gone
unnoticed. Disposables don't work. We don't need warrants anymore, haven't
you heard? Let's not even talk about your harddisk... it's not clean at
all.  Even secure wiping of your files is no longer viable because we can
get it all back now. We can prove your deeds, and we can put you where
wastes of talent belong. And don't think that private TOR will save you, and
don't think that stashing your toys works, we KNOW where they are. We KNOW
where you are.

And the best part? We didn't need to bring the might of the Republic down on
you to know these things... one of your own told us all that we needed to
know. Heed the words, "Look! and Look again!".

Armed response teams are standing by. We will come get you when it's
convienent for us. Some of us are early risers... and we get more done
before 6AM than you could ever understand.

One last thing... We can promise you won't end up being dubbed a
"terrorist", because that is too easy for you. There is nothing more brutal
in this country than a nice American prison, especially for skinny
longhairs, and bookworms. We can promise that you live a nice long life in
there, because we spend the money to keep you healthy. In the name of your
debt to society, there is no way out.

Your days are over. Remove everything, it only adds to the mountain of
evidence we have already. And leave these folks alone, they are doing their
jobs... instead of robbing hardworking Americans.
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