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Regarding RSnake FD
From: "sl () cker" <sl () ckers org>
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2009 23:37:13 -0500

Chill, the Apache folks said it was OK...maybe you should have read the 
whole post.

security () apache org:
"DoS attacks by tying up TCP connections are expected. Please see:


Regards, Joe"

The Apache guys clearly stated that this was expected behavior, we 
simply made another test case for the "expected", why the outrage?

Additionally there are ways to defend against this already, which also 
cover other DoS attacks, not to mention most enterprises with load 
balancers aren't affected anyway (F5 and Netscaler tested).



Regarding this script-kiddie perfect tool
http://milw0rm.com/exploits/8976and this article :

Are you fucking NUTS ?

What's your point ? you wanna get famous ?, need attention or 
something ? or
it's a commercial issue ?

What gives you the right to give that knowledge to any unknowledged kids
arounds ?

You feel hot or wanna feel hot or something ?

Dude, your a fucking prick.

Now lot's of enterprises are in deep shit, feeling happy with it ?
Feeling the blackhat adrenaline groing in you ?
You're a kid that doesnt understand an oz of your disclosure.

You're an asshole who doesnt even understand what means work in the 
I guess you're like Aelphaeis Mangarae, who like to talk about, why we
should say fuck u to FD while posting NOOBS paper about PHP security issue
GET A FUCKING BRAIN ASSHOLE, you're a real prick.

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