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Why the FBI, JTTF (Joint Terrorism Task Force) and DOJ policies are destined to backfire
From: "Jack Bauer [Joint Terrorism Task Force]" <jdl () mac hush com>
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2009 04:20:19 +0000

Berlin Wall: Why we aren't the Stasi intelligence friendly country 
the FBI thinks, and why they are doomed to falter.

The folly of making FBI into a domestic intelligence agency has 
fatal flaws:

 - Belief that adding more hay makes the needle easier to find
    These guys have shitloads of information bought from the 
private sector that they keep top secret.
 - Harassing innocent people
    The datamining that finds people staying 2 months at a motel is 
more likely a poor schmuck down on his life with domestic problems, 
as opposed to a terrorist. 
 - Makes terrorists smarter
    Terrorists will adapt and learn to blend in better
 - Excessive secrecy
    The secrecy of this makes it difficult to manage performance. 
Without appropriate congressional, judicial and public oversight we 
can't see the efficiencies *or* inefficiencies of the system. 
Instead we say the DOJ cherrypick lone wolfs and black, 
schizophrenic felons who delude themselves into being prophets.

  Further, how do you really tell if someone is a terrorist to 
"check" if they're a security risk without ruining their lives.

  What are your friends worth when FBI/JTTF go to them and tell 
them to inform on you. When they wear a wire on you. When they try 
to introduce you to muslims. Ask about your political beliefs. Take 
control of your friends AOL account to record conversations. I 
thought I was developer schizophrenia... Until I found out, guess 
what, my friends were told by them to inform on me. (I have no 
criminal record)

  Even innocent people can tell what a bunch of stinky egotistical 
shadowbastards at the JTTF play this game. 

  Here I stand before you, with no criminal charges. I am a 
harassed individual. I have been royally fucked by these assholes. 

  I'm not a fucking criminal. I'm not a terrorist. I'm innovative. 
I'm smart. I'm industrious. I love life. I love America. On the 
other hand, they're [JTTF, FBI] are the biggest fuckups and guess 
what! They're the ones with no oversight or transparency.

  Counterterrorism in it's classic sense fought to take out real 
threats. But now we see what inefficiencies our current dragnet 
has. Fort Hood allowed an obviously disturbed person to go 
overboard. This isn't because they're isn't enough power in the 
FBI/DOJ/JTTF, it's because there is too much power, too much data, 
and a lack of oversight.

  More FBI agents, spying laws and bigger databases aren't the 
cure. The thought pattern of this is more of a disease. We need 
lean databases where data is deleted if not important, keeping a 
tight ship. Neat and organized. Only the essentials. 

  We're treating the FBI and JTTF like fat spoiled autistic kids in 
a toy store so they can do whatever we want. For all we know they 
run child sex chambers. We can't open discovery because guess what! 
State secret privelege! Oh dear!

  My heart aches for the people who lost lives to cowardly 
terrorists. But the insult is how their hearts are twisted to have 
a political purpose to it so a certain part of the government can 
exert spying and control. 

  Fix this government. Use common sense. Let our society make 
sense. Remove this dark, excessive cancer from the US Code.

  Andrew Wallace
  xploitable () gmail com - Mail me here, don't accept impersonators. 
I will call the information cyber seucirty service police and my 

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  http://n3td3v.blogspot.com - Personal Blog

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