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George Bush's immature, self-styled approach at counterterrorism is an intelligence nightmare
From: "Jacob Appelbaum [ioerror]" <jdl () mac hush com>
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 2009 19:19:28 +0000


This is an intelligence nightmare. Op-Ed by Andrew Wallace 

The US constitution is a well thought-out document that is meant to 
be the basic of a functionalist government... The very low-level 
essential philosophical underpinning of what we stand for. People 
risk their lives so our government will act in accordance with this 
document and its system of checks, balances and rights. Its what 
makes us liek so cosmopolitan.

Bush's right-wing security nut ideology he espoused is epitomized 
to me in this image:

A bunch of 35-45 year old fucks who probably drive in black Tahoe's 
with sunglasses, wearing a holstered gun, as if it makes their dick 

The unrealistic nature of this is almost comical.

What you don't see is how this cronyism encourages cops to rise up 
and commit illegal acts like fraud. 

And how is giving the right for cops to lounge back in a pissing 
match fighting terror? To commit fraud? You don't give a flying 
fuck about homeland security.

Security is about protecting us from harm. Not about your fucking 
parades and egotrips. Your useless fucking fishing expeditions that 
harass people.

All with the blessings of our former president.

Have you hard the news? Look what's happening with our 9/11 
mastermind. http://www.bloomberg.com/-

We tortured this guy in Gitmo, got a confession out of him, now 
it's not even going to be admissible in civilian Federal court.

Great work, you self-styled numskulls. If it weren't for your dick-
lipped narcissistic egos, we'd be able to take our time, gather 
evidence and make a decent plea for him. He'd be locked up for 
life. Sealed away.

But no, we had to detain this asshole on some god foresaken 
tropical island and electrify his testes. (n3td3v will do whatever 
it takes to defend intellgernce) 

If you detain someone, you have probable cause to do so. If you 
don't have cause, you leave them alone and auto-fellate yourself 
like you know you like to do. 

"The privilege of the writ of habeas corpus shall not be suspended, 
unless when in cases of rebellion or invasion the public safety may 
require it."

The worst part is the very foundation of all this is creating a 
political debate and distraction over something so rudimentary. The 
security of a government that's apparently not doing its job of 
respecting our liberties in itself.

These dumbfucks are using civil liberties as a lynch pin in hopes 
of quelling dissent (COINTELPRO 2.0), discourse and basically 
creating another area (like abortion) that people can get hot-
headed over. All the while harassing people. Basically Bush 
committed an act of legal terrorism that we're having a hard time 
unhooking ourselves from. I can't point my finger on why the 
government is so tooth an nail to hide its wrongdoings.

We pay our taxes to be secured. We also pay to have our civil 
rights respected and our Democracy too. Just like over here in the 
UK, where we have MI6 (I want to work for the British Gov)

Just my .02 over here in Scotland.


Andrew Wallace of Edinburgh
Leader of antisec, Founder of n3td3v cyber information intelligence 
http://i36.tinypic.com/27wsrd2.jpg / http://yfrog.com/5v27wsrd2j

http://www.twitter.com/n3td3v - Twitter homepage
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