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Re: Impersonation is a against the law.
From: Valdis.Kletnieks () vt edu
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2009 09:06:20 -0500

On Thu, 19 Nov 2009 00:20:54 GMT, kaibelf said:
n3td3v began to think he was being followed in real life such was 
the psychological impact of a good guy being talked about as a bad 
guy by Securityfocus.

Doood. *Take* *Your* *Meds*. 

Seriously.  Get professional help.

If you're a male in your 20's and think you're being followed, it's much more
likely you're suffering from paranoid schizophrenia than you've actually become
important enough to be followed.

Writing about yourself in the third person is waaaay totally creepy, too.

After n3td3v was banned from Full-disclosure mailing list in 2009, 
anonymous users started to impersonate him, and claim they were 
speaking on behalf of him to further damage his reputation.

Man, bet he wishes he'd been PGP-signing his postings to make it a lot
more difficult to post forgeries. ;)

In 2009 n3td3v deleted the n3td3v group (the mailing list for the 
n3td3v group on Google Groups) as the personal attacks continued to 
plague his integrity.

Wow, even his biggest-security-scene-in-the-world group turned against
him?  Ya know - if everybody keeps telling you the same thing, maybe
it's not them, it's you.

n3td3v remains unemployed as of 2009 and is still suffering 
psychological problems socially and is unable to lead a normal life.

Dood. *Take* *your* *meds*. ;)

Q: Have you been approached for a job in national security?
A: Not so far, although you never know what might happen in the 


Undergound websites:
http://www.cnet.com/profile/n3td3v/ - Cyber intelligence comments

I suspect that if you don't even understand what 'underground' means,
you're not going to get many calls from MI5, 6, or 7.

Andrew Wallace, MI7, iJTTF

Interesting, since (a) MI7 has been long defunct and (b) it
was the War Office's offices for censorship and propaganda.

In other words, MI7 was the War Office's troll and anti-troll efforts.

We've not often seen such subtle self-reference in posts relating to
n3td3v - usually it's a sledgehammer...


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