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Pussy and the right to free speech.
From: yuri.nate () hushmail com
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2009 11:10:41 -0800

This whole thing is ridiculous.  Kurt Greenbaum is an idiot.  What 
kind of question is that in the first place?  Only and idiot would 
post “what’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten” and not expect 
some obvious remarks.  And what’s wrong with pussy?  Eating pussy 
is good!  I LOVE eating pussy!  All they guys I know, along with 
several women I know love to eat pussy.  I eat pussy.  You eat 
pussy.  Everyone eats pussy.  That’s because it’s fun.  And it’s 
good.  Even Dr. Seuss eats pussy as illustrated by one of his less 
distributed works:

Big pussy, small pussy,
girls at the mall pussy,
almost any kind of pussy will do.

Thin pussy, fat pussy,
Dog pussy, cat pussy,
Licking your screen pussy is just fine too.

Hot pussy, cold pussy,
Young pussy, old pussy,
Christian, Agnostic, a Muslim, or Jew.

I eat pussy standing up,
I eat pussy sitting down.
I eat pussy on the side of the bed with my knees on the ground.

I eat pussy that is nice,
I eat pussy that is mean.
I eat pussy till that fine pussy get wet up and steam.

Real pussy, toy pussy,
As long as it’s not boy pussy,
Or from that dike that they had on The View.

Rich pussy, poor pussy,
Virgin or whore pussy,
I eat it even when she swats on the loo.

Sweet pussy, sour pussy,
Pay by the hour pussy,
I always make sure that I show them my Fu.

I eat pussy in the sun,
I eat pussy in a haze.
I eat pussy till my face is covered in glaze.

I eat pussy in a tree,
I eat pussy in a pit,
I flickity flick flick my tongue on that clit. 

So, if Kurt don’t eat pussy, he must be a fag,
or only ate pussy that was on the rag.
And if you don’t want Greenbaum to make you the fool,
Don’t talk about pussy when you are at school.

Yuri Nate

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