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The Cyber War Conspiracy
From: full-disclosure () Safe-mail net
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 2009 05:45:53 -0500

It is my understanding the "security industry" would like nothing better than a cyber war to kick off, mass profit, 
mass employment, mass political capital to hit "cyber security" into the main stream of society to strike at the heart 
of the single mom and retired couple crowd.

Cyber War is a touchy subject if you ask any "security professional" they don't like people saying straight out "cyber 
war is bullshit". They get emotional about it, its as if they want it to happen. I see a build up towards "Cyber War", 
the people in power such as Gadi Evron, he wants a Cyber War its all he talks about. He was the first person to draw 
conclusions out of fine air and were quick to blame the Russians for Estonia, even though there was no evidence.

Just like 9/11, you knew it was an inside job because they announced within 24 hours they _knew_ it was Al-Qaeda even 
though they weren't able to stop the attack if they knew so much about it.

Estonia turned out to be a kid in his bedroom with some bot net command & control, not the actual work of a super power.

SANS want Cyber War, they asked the CIA to come to their SCADA conference in 2008 to puke up a bunch of non-sense that 
Hackers had darkened cities, infact the event never happened or took place it was shear propaganda, misleading bullshit 
to build up the path for "Cyber War".

"No cyberwar yet, but soon, says firm" a headline says on Securityfocus--- This is a warning that something bad is 
about to happen. A cyber 9/11? The security industry need cyber war, the hacker scene is falling flat before our eyes 
there is no spectacular-event happened for a while, virus outbreaks and worms just don't happen like they used to to 
keep "cyber security" in high profile.

The pro-propaganda for "cyber security" is running out, the security industry is crying out for a cyber 9/11 scale 
event and thats what scares me.

One of the first things Obama took seriously when he went into the White House was Cyber Security, and remember the 
Marcus Sachs video even before the election, you could hear it in his words, you could see it in his body language, 
folks in power in cyber security want to get cyber security into the main stream media. Marcus Sachs asked how can we 
put cyber security infront of the media? Cyber security isn't something that is talked about in the media, how can we 
put it infront of the media and the next administration, he said.

I trust Marcus Sachs like I trust a convicted paedophile. People like Joel Esler tried to defend him to me, how can you 
say such things about such a nice guy. But isn't everyone a nice guy on the surface? It's not until you really dig in 
and see the other side to a person and everyone has another side to them.

If people like Marcus Sachs are advising Obama right now on cyber security, be afraid very afraid. Remember this is the 
guy who has a picture of himself shaking the hand of George W. Bush on his home page, and smiling about it.

Because I said all this stuff previously I was attacked on this list, got banned by John Cartwright... there is a 
cover-up going on. My conclusions aren't sharp but they were on the right course, and they didn't want to risk the 
chance that I got something accurate, so they setup a bunch of aliases on here to provoke me into "troll style", to get 
people to think I was just an annoying twat and no value to this mailing list.

The same people tried to say I was some screwball etc, desperately trying to get folks not to take anything I say 

They even tried to say I was anti-sec, yes "Ureleet" alias, remember him? He is to do with people who are involved with 
the people im accusing of building up towards cyber war. He isn't a random person, he is involved and scared that I or 
the British government might be onto them, they are running scared. Even the slightest mention of MI5 / MI6 sent them 
running scared that they have been rumbled and infiltrated by human assets.

I'm serious about cyber security im not a troll and never was, I do have a vested interest in this stuff and I do want 
to collaborate or get hired with British intelligence to burst this plot wide open and expose the people involved in 
wanting a cyber 9/11.

So this email address will be banned, more sponsored aliases will come along to make fun of n3td3v, post fake 
psychological profiles and the such for the next 11 months?

This is people not trying to stop some kid called "n3td3v" this is a mass campaign against me, from the early days of 
the Neal Krawetz and Securityfocus effort to trash me, to the recent Ureleet and John Cartwright trying to trash me.

Remember that jdl guy at the hushmail address who had the subject header "impersonation is against the law", that was a 
subject header I had been sending to John Cartwright to get something done about folks, then suddenly the jdl alias 
comes onto the list with exactly the same header.

Coincidence? is it hell. John Cartwright is in on it, Ureleet is connected to John Cartwright and there is a conspiracy 
to gag me because I was touching home too many truths about the build up towards cyber war and the people behind the 
plot for a cyber 9/11.

It's not kids in their bedrooms with the anti-n3td3v aliases, its these guys in the suits conspiring to carry out a 
cyber 9/11.

The aliases against me, they aren't kids. They are grown men security professionals, the same men who don't like being 
called out and can't even use their real names in their campaign against me. I openly post with my real name to 
criticize and still would be using my real name, accept it got banned by John Cartwright, the guy who hides behind 
grok.org.uk and nobody knows anything about, hiding in the shadows while banning anyone from this list who remotely 
gets close to the political truth.

If you look back to January 2009 when "n3td3v" got banned it was exactly at the point where I wasn't believing in cyber 
war. I am the only person to be banned from this mailing list, you've got to ask yourself why. All I done was "full 
disclosure" which is what this list is about, but the people in power don't like it when its full disclosure of them 
not other people.

Like the Mossad and Funsec, they don't like that mentioned on full disclosure. It's full disclosure of information, but 
because it involves something not liked because it exposes them, then its not accepted.

You need to look into the real reasons n3td3v got banned and its nothing to do with what you think is the reason of 
someone with no value to the mailing list. Who dare say which disclosures are value and who's aren't.

So already you're seeing evidence this mailing list is corrupt and the person running it panicking because his friends 
over at SANS and other places are being exposed for their crave for cyber war and a cyber 9/11 event to take place.

Valdis isn't a random person either, hes proved hes pro-cyber war with a vested interest against me saying any of this 

Look at the people against me, then investigate their role in the ring of power thats developing in the cyber security 

This is probably the last you'll see of the real n3td3v because there is sure to be a contract killer out to silence me.

There have already been discreet warnings, like in the mp3 that was posted by <vomithatsteve () yahoo com>, it said mi6 
were going to kill me, they actually ment U.S Intelligence, but put MI6 in its place just to screw with British 
Intelligence even more.

And the warning by - o z - <osgo () hotmail com> and reposted by sahalderf at ymail.com that said "Solutions:  There's 
a few, but I wouldn't want to be responsible for the end result"

If I was just some kid troll, would any of this have gone on for so long? How many years is it now? There will be no 
let down, there has been no trolling apart from the times the sponsored aliases have frustrated me into a flame to 
distract me from posting what I wanted to post that was hitting the political truth too much.

There is more going on than you can see, this is a war at the moment of words because there are vested interest groups 
out there wanting cyber war to advance the security industry, while there are people like me who are monitoring these 
guys and seeing their intentions and they don't like anyone who is exposing them and me wanting to stop them from 
carrying out cyber-war/terrorism to advance the security industry.

Expect more people impersonating me, signing as my real life name etc... mock psycho analysis emails being post by 
people who are too cowardly to use their real name, they aren't kids, they are the political elite trying to make sure 
anything I say is trashed.

I am saving the world from the people who claim to be saving the world, but how can they be saving the world if they 
are planning a cyber event to push forward the advancement of the cyber security industry?

Cue all the sponsored aliases who are out to get me, by the time you read this email address will already be banned.

Just listen to the State of the Internet 2009 panel podcast by SANS, they got an audience to laugh out loud when they 
kept mentioning my n3td3v name, the recording is available on the internet as a podcast, this isn't just people annoyed 
about some kid on full-disclosure mailing list, this is part of a sophisticated campaign against me which started in 

This is unprecedented the amount of effort gone into trashing some apparent kid called "n3td3v", if I was just some kid 
they wouldn't be going to the lengths they have to trash me.

This mailing list is part of corruption, the corruption that is covering up n3td3v and sweeping him under the carpet 
and throwing him away.

My last words to you is, don't let this matter rest, they have got rid of n3td3v, but there are bound to be people who 
will investigate what im saying, and I hope they do. Because my last request before I finish this rant is, don't forget 
the things ive been talking about and continue to investigate people while im gone.

This is serious the political elite are planning a cyber-event and it seems nobody is out to stop it or being proactive 
about raising concern about it apart from me.

I'm the only one ranting about this stuff, but why haven't we got more people sounding the alarm the alarm that the 
build up is happening and there is nothing to stop it.

I was banned in January, isn't it strange 11 months later the political elite still have their sponsored aliases trying 
to run "n3td3v" completely into the ground. They even impersonated my real name and a British intelligence agency, and 
who's always been right behind anti-n3td3v aliases as a back up reply? Yes Valdis, hes always there, always there to 
reply to give support to them.

All I say is investigate whats going on against this so-called kid called n3td3v, surely there is more to it than just 
trying to get me off a mailing list cause of some "noise" excuse.

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