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Re: The Cyber War Conspiracy
From: "Jan G.B." <ro0ot.w00t () googlemail com>
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 2009 14:00:39 +0100

2009/11/30 <full-disclosure () safe-mail net>

Because I said all this stuff previously I was attacked on this list, got
banned by John Cartwright...

I don't think that you got it right. In my point of view you were banned,
because you were trolling the bad way. It had nothing to do with you making
a point.

 so they setup a bunch of aliases on here to provoke me into "troll style",
to get people to think I was just an annoying twat and no value to this
mailing list.

These people were actually real poeple, not aliases. You trampled on our

The same people tried to say I was some screwball etc, desperately trying
to get folks not to take anything I say seriously.

No, actually you gave us enough reasons not to take anything serious that
you mentioned.

They even tried to say I was anti-sec, yes "Ureleet" alias, remember him?

Man, it's just a bit of babbling.. This happens everywhere. But your
reaction shows that you have a desperate problem with yourself. You take
everything as an attack against you and you see conspiracies all over. In
short: "You're a paranoid idiot".

I'm serious about cyber security im not a troll and never was, I do have a
vested interest in this stuff and I do want to collaborate or get hired with
British intelligence to burst this plot wide open and expose the people
involved in wanting a cyber 9/11.

I always wonder if you are trying to be funny or if you are really *that*
stupid - guess the second applies.
Anyways - someone one this list told you months before, that people applying
for such jobs must keep this for themselves. :-) So - good luck.

So this email address will be banned, more sponsored aliases will come
along to make fun of n3td3v, post fake psychological profiles and the such
for the next 11 months?

This is people not trying to stop some kid called "n3td3v" this is a mass
campaign against me,

I mentioned it before. You're paranoid and you're talking about your sick
illusions instead focusing on the topic you have addresses in the first
sentences. This makes you a troll. You just want to get reactions, you want
us/me to answer you. Now here's more attention, again...
Just read your fucking email again. You want to say something about
cyber-war. Instead you talk about yourself and your,, uhm.. "thoughts"(?)

Coincidence? is it hell. John Cartwright is in on it, Ureleet is connected
to John Cartwright and there is a conspiracy to gag me because I was
touching home too many truths about the build up towards cyber war and the
people behind the plot for a cyber 9/11.
It's not kids in their bedrooms with the anti-n3td3v aliases, its these
guys in the suits conspiring to carry out a cyber 9/11.

Take your meds, please.

I openly post with my real name to criticize and still would be using my
real name, accept it got banned by John Cartwright, the guy who hides behind
grok.org.uk and nobody knows anything about, hiding in the shadows while
banning anyone from this list who remotely gets close to the political

It would be great if you'd accept that the FD-Community voted against your
attention-whore-behaviour. Your posting shows, that you still didn't get the

If you look back to January 2009 when "n3td3v" got banned it was exactly at
the point where I wasn't believing in cyber war.

no one cares.

I am the only person to be banned from this mailing list, you've got to ask
yourself why.

Actually you should have been thinking about it. We all knew it. Now that I
told you, you can accept it.

You need to look into the real reasons n3td3v got banned and its nothing to
do with what you think is the reason of someone with no value to the mailing
list. Who dare say which disclosures are value and who's aren't.

I don't remember reading any valuable posting of you, disclosing stuff. But,
still, the point is that you've been banned for selfish trolling.

So already you're seeing evidence this mailing list is corrupt and the
person running it panicking because his friends over at SANS and other
places are being exposed for their crave for cyber war and a cyber 9/11
event to take place.

Valdis isn't a random person either, hes proved hes pro-cyber war with a
vested interest against me saying any of this stuff.

Look at the people against me, then investigate their role in the ring of
power thats developing in the cyber security vaccum.

This is probably the last you'll see of the real n3td3v because there is
sure to be a contract killer out to silence me.

Take care.  (And don't forget the meds)

I am saving the world [...]

This is serious the political elite are planning a cyber-event and it seems
nobody is out to stop it or being proactive about raising concern about it
apart from me.

# sidenode

See, You're even mailing me in private to tell me that you are not a troll.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: andrew.wallace <andrew.wallace () rocketmail com>
Date: 2009/11/19
Subject: I was nothing to do with trolling
To: "Jan G.B." <ro0ot.w00t () googlemail com>

I seen your conversation today with the fake n3td3v. You seem to think
I was a troll? I can tell you when I was on the list I was nothing to
do with trolling. I ask you to stop replying to people pretending to
be me and I ask you not to call me a troll when you know im not one.
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