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Re: How Prosecutors Wiretap Wall Street
From: "Ivan ." <ivanhec () gmail com>
Date: Fri, 6 Nov 2009 14:53:54 +1100

some background


and the list goes on....

ahh the land of the free.....

On Fri, Nov 6, 2009 at 2:47 PM, Paul Schmehl <pschmehl_lists () tx rr com>wrote:

--On November 5, 2009 9:12:29 PM -0600 Chris <r0ck () operamail com> wrote:

and someone could sue you for burying your head up your ass.
Fortunately, we have this list as proof.

Oh my, aren't we clever.

Getting back on topic, it is well-known, and proven, that the NSA has
surveillence facilities inside  several U.S. telecom carriers.  You need
only look inside one of AT&T's PoPs in San Francisco for proof.

You know this to be true because you've looked for yourself, right?  You
didn't just take the world of a complete stranger quoted by a compliant
press at face value, did you?

Yes, the NSA might target non-citizens, however, without oversight, who
is to know?  Don't mention FISA judges either. They have become a rubber
stamp for wiretap requests with an approval rate of well over 99.99%.

Sure, because we all know those rat bastards at the NSA and all those
federal judges don't give a shit about the USA or freedom or personal

When you forget that the people who work in government are just like you,
trying to make a living and do the best they can, it's easy to
depersonalize them and demonize them as if they're all blackhearted evil
turds.  Easy, that is, if you don't have much of a brain.

The same applies to the NSLs issued by the FBI.  Not only are targets
not permitted to talk about such NSLs, but they can't even acknowledge
the existance of such NSLs.

And yet, here you are asking for the very proof that cannot be provided.

That's hilarious.  The surveillance program didn't even survive for four
years after 9/11 before someone inside the NSA "blew the whistle" on the
program.  Of course, even though they were working for those evil bastards
somehow their altruism got the better of them and they revealed "the
truth" about the program, despite the fact that they had sworn an oath to
keep it a secret.  (And I'm sure they didn't get a dime for blabbing

And of course Congress knew nothing about it, even though they had been
briefed about it dozens of times and never raised a single objection.

Then of course, once the program had been "revealed" publicly, all those
altruistic politicians immediately began investigating because they care
so deeply about your privacy and your personal freedoms.  And then all the
privacy experts, motivated by the purest of concerns, your personal
privacy and freedoms, immediately sprung into action to protect you
because they all care so deeply for you personally.

Or maybe, just maybe, there was the ever-so-slightest twinge of politics

Of course we all know that Joe Wilson told the truth and George Bush lied.
That should be obvious to any rational person, right?

But we'll never know for sure if the "whistleblowers" were motivated by
something other than altruism, because you're so deeply concerned about
your personal privacy and freedom that it would never even occur to you to
question the motives of anyone who agrees with your view of the world.

The fact that you believe that only those who violate their oath of office
are honest and only those who never violate their oath of office are
dishonest blinds you to the possibility that the truth lies somewhere in
between.  It's OK though.  So long as you don't apply that standard to
your investments, you'll probably be able to retire OK.

The only question I have for you is...

Which government agency is paying your mortgage?

The same one that is proposing to pay for your healthcare and control
every other aspect of your life because you're too blind to see the forest
for the trees.  You and millions of other blithering idiots who see
nothing wrong with the government forcing you to buy insurance but
everything wrong with them trying to keep terrorists from blowing your
worthless ass up.

Paul Schmehl, If it isn't already
obvious, my opinions are my own
and not those of my employer.
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