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Re: Ubuntu Lucid Lynx is Big brother Ubuntu
From: Daniel Llewellyn <diddledan () googlemail com>
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2010 18:52:22 +0000

On Thu, Feb 25, 2010 at 22:43, Mark Shuttleworth <mark () ubuntu com> wrote:

 On 25/02/10 22:28, John Q Public wrote:


 Ubuntu one? Chatroom accounts? Online, Invisible? You're turning
the default Ubuntu into your huge autistic chatroom.

We're bringing social interaction from the web, into the desktop. We're
breathing life back into the city center, as it were. We're making the
desktop more human. This is our mission, our reason for loving what we do.
I'm sorry if it offends you, but it's got many people int he community very
excited. There's no commercial conflict of interests here - we're putting it
in by default purely to delight users. I accept that you're not delighted,
but I don't see any signs that this won't be one of the favorite things
about the release, for most users.

If it turns out not to be the case, either before or after we make the
release, we can course correct in six months time.

John Q. Public: Ubuntu can't guess your account details without you entering
them, so even if you don't remove the "offensive" software from your system
it won't bother you with popups telling you that you've been poked by your
autistic  (your word) Aunt Mildred or your ex girlfriend's mother's third
cousin's daughter (who is also autistic?).

Ubuntu has had Gaim/Pidgin installed by default for years, and latterly
Empathy in it's place. Did you also complain about that integration? What
about an evil email client being installed by default, which also provides a
gateway into your brain for these autistic people?


You are integrating this immature stuff into a Long Term Support
version of Ubuntu.

Yes. The Ubuntu team won't integrate it if they don't think it's ready.
They wanted it for 9.10, but it wasn't ready. Now it may be so. Please do
file bugs, and thank you for the feedback. If the general feedback we get,
including yours, suggests it's not right or not ready, it won't ship.

Mark: aparently intel graphics chipsets weren't supported entirely by the
last two ubuntu releases (as reported to me by a friend who has such a
chip), so there are situations where things can slip through the net that
are signed off as ready but still don't work for all users. In this instance
I believe it is the intel code dump to support 3d acceleration that caused
the issues(?) with absolutely no research into the matter done by me. (yey
for broad generalisations with no grounds) :-p

 Desktop or not, I don't want to be forced into
your schema and big brother "social tray icon". Remove it by
default. Make it available via the software center.

Please fix this, you're making a big mistake. Other than that, I'm
extremely excited for Lucid Lynx.

Well, you can remove it yourself. And I won't be offended if you do.

this is what makes linux distributions with package managers so great. If
you don't like something, just rip it out and either leave it or replace it
with something you prefer. Ubuntu defaults to, for e.g., installing
xchat-gnome when you look through the software centre, but personally I
prefer the original xchat. Do I complain that I'm being forced by the Ubuntu
people to use an "evil" minimalist HIG-compliant xchat? no, instead I fire
up synaptic and install the xchat package instead of the xchat-gnome

   Daniel Llewellyn
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