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Re: Introducing TGP...
From: "lsi" <stuart () cyberdelix net>
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2010 16:21:37 +0100

Ancient crypto?  You really have no effing clue, do you?

Whatever you use today, it will be ancient in 5 years.

why not start cracking it now 

May I have source for the decryptor?

 do something that would actually be useful

Just lending a clue, always a pleasure!  I been there done that with 
encrypted files in public places (back in the day, I used a 
webserver).  I ended up concluding what I told you - that anyone who 
downloaded it could spend as long as they wanted attacking it, with 
whatever tech, and there is no revocation function.  So I stopped 
doing it.  These days I use SSH (and VNC if I want access to Windows 
machines), or USB, if internet connectivity is not a given.

Not to mention polluting the net with mountains of your private data, 
your cloud actually consists of other people's servers, who have 
generously provided them to host archives of meaningful discussion, 
and whose goodwill you will certainly consume, along with their 
diskspace.  End users still receive and store a copy of your data, 
but this cannot be accessed by you, and is useless.

And, if everyone did it of course there would be massive storage 
usage, followed by a magic regex to block those mails, and the cloud 
would disappear.

So, no, insecure, waste of bandwidth and storage, unscalable.


Stuart Udall
stuart at () cyberdelix dot net - http://www.cyberdelix.net/

 * Origin: lsi: revolution through evolution (192:168/0.2)

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