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Re: Congratulations Andrew
From: Eyeballing Weev <eyeballing.weev () gmail com>
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2010 08:40:37 -0400

It's funny to watch this self-proclaimed "brilliant" attention whore beg 
for money on IRC with the help of his enablers who cannot even grasp 
reality. He's saying AT&T is behind his current charges, he's looking at 
a few years in jail, etc.

However he won't take responsibility that it was HIS drugs in HIS 
possession at HIS house.

Granted, precipitating what he did at AT&T did lead up to the search 
warrant and according to media reports, Andrew LEAD the agents to his 
drug stash. I was thinking lines of cocaine and a bag of pills were on 
the coffee table next to the still warm crack bong. Not the case. He's 
screaming on IRC that the law enforcement officials involved planted the 
drugs on him.

Seriously? Agents had a half gram of cocaine, less than 20 hits of LSD, 
and two pills, a MDMA pill and an Oxycotin pill. Seriously? Some agent 
reached in his pocket, pulled out all of this and went "hey guys, look 
what I found in Andrew's bedroom"

What he is betting on is the hatred and mistrust of the media by the 
lesser intelligent IRC underbelly and his crazy stories, like he's in 
Fayetteville Arkansas trying to get hired by the Wal-Mart corporation so 
he can have access to their massive amounts of data.

This man of a self-proclaimed "lavish" lifestyle, living in an apartment 
above a lawyer's office, in all the places in the world - he had to pick 
Fayetteville. His mother is right - he is delusional, on drugs which 
blurs his thinking and thinks he is something that he is not. He's 
begging for $3500 for his drug case, when usually a drug case is handled 
by a public defender for much cheaper than $3500.

Is he going to hire zombie Johnnie Cochran to use his infamous "if the 
glove doesn't fit, you must acquit" legal argument or is he going to 
line his pockets one last time for a run out of the country (rumors said 
Brazil) to avoid getting a year or two in a fine Arkansas correctional 
facility, hopefully full of inmates who would gladly make him feel at home?

In closing, Andrew - it's time to man up. We love to hear your wild 
stories about you running from the men in black and how you're such a 
brilliant computer hacker, involved in operations we hear about months 
later after they happen. We love for you to claim you hacked Amazon and 
delisted all those items, without no claim whatsoever. Sadly, even a 
Turk or a Romanian would take a screenshot of a website defacement, 
however something happens, you take credit and your enablers cheer 
another victory for you.

If you are sentenced to a term of a few years in jail, expect my 
shipment of soap on a rope to be sent immediately to protect you from 
the other inmates.

On 06/29/2010 03:53 AM, huj huj huj wrote:
except that weev has had malicious intentions from day 1
he is all about ruin and nothing else

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