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Re: Draw a line under this non-sense, seriously
From: "James W. Lytle" <jlytle () uhcenter com>
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2010 10:10:26 -0600

Perhaps as a PROFESSIONAL, you could learn to temper your responses a little more appropriately rather than allowing 
flames to get the better of you?

This discussion, I agree, should really be continued off-list, off-line or both.

James W. Lytle
Network Analyst
Medical Information Systems
1102 West Macarthur
Shawnee, OK 74804
405.395.5749 (office)
405.647.0364 (pager)
jlytle () uhcenter com
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On Wed, Mar 3, 2010 at 3:18 AM, Son of Ram <sonofram () gmx com> wrote:

I'm happy that you've made the choice to settle down and have a

But wait a second, James O'Hare?

Your behaviour of using pretextual identities is suspiciously
similar to all those escapades we had.

Ah, 69? All about the family, isn't that true, Mr. Wallace?

Perhaps you should run for political office.

Did you meet this girlfriend on Yahoo chat just this morning? I'm
sure she feels very safe and secure having an authority-type figure
such as yourself with her. ;-)

You had about 12 hours to chart a new life course, and I'm positive
you won't be back trolling this list ever again.

It was a good national security & intelligence blog and lot's of
experts were reading it, there was no reason for you to do what you
did on Monday, but you decided to do it anyway.

You ruined it for everyone else in the intelligence community, now
they are all needing to be added to an invite list and the general
public aren't being able to read it, because of you.

If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have been flamed into an argument on
the list and wouldn't have been banned on January 2009 and I would
still be contributing good information to the list, such as who I
think was really behind various cyber attacks that have happened and
be able to publicly post good cyber security policy suggestions to
counter the attacks, such as Google Aurora.

It just means for you less public information from the security &
intelligence community that you don't get to know about.

I have access to the information about cyber attacks and policy, I
could be posting about it all, but that all ended on January 2009
because of you.

All been thrown away and is not publicly available information because of

I have years of hands on experience in cyber security, have entered
into the intelligence community and had plenty to offer this list, if
it wasn't for you who flamed me into an argument on purpose just so
you could have me banned last year.

I was never a troll, however you are one big troll.

You don't have the interest of the security & intelligence community
at heart, you just create random names to wind people up, I hate you,
I completely hate you and I'm watching everything your *real body*
person are up to.

You wanted people to be more open with the public and release
information about whats going on but you blew it on January 2009.

I happily accepted being banned from the list, but you couldn't accept
it and you started popping up aliases since January 2009 pretending to
be me and people thought it was me, however it was you.

I created a national security & intelligence blog instead at the
beginning of 2010 because I was banned from the list on January 2009
to offer the public the information that I couldn't post to the list
because of you.

However, because of you, I can't even have a public blog now, because
of you, and now nobody can be open and transparent with the public
about whats *really* going on because of you.

Keep the aliases coming, I'm sure our monitoring systems don't link
them all up and know exactly who is posting even before they reach the
list as they are travelling over the internet to the list server.

You had the chance for the intelligence community to be more open with
the public about what the bad guys are upto but you blew it big time.

Son of Ram today, what alias will you be using tomorrow?


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Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.
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