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Re: Is Hal Turner a hero? Updates on police survellience and my life being ruined from afar. (rambling rant)
From: mrx <mrx () propergander org uk>
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2010 21:11:32 +0000

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Son of Ram wrote:
my life is totally ruined by police. Maybe a paid PI worked closely with a cop (illegal) to pressure me and hope to 
get a criminal conviction to ruin my life. Or perhaps it's because they wanted to get me to commit a crime so I would 
talk about a friend I used to have. This is totally wrong because I'd gladly help if they didn't just ruin my life 
like I was a parasite. They like to "work on me" from afar, going to my friends and associates behind my back, then 
looking VERY strictly and scrutinizing as if nothing happened, "Let's see how our subject reacts". And of course, 
playing dirty is used as a psychological tactics to ruin me, anger me, and in their hopes, radicalize me (rofl). 

These guys are pretty sick. They're stalkers. The only thing is they have a badge to rationalize it and the power it 
gives to do anything as long as it doesn't "Shock the conscience". Sure, it's shocking to _you_, but will it be 
shocking when it's on the desk of a conservative judge? rofl. Samuel Alito would like cops act as priests, doctors, 
etc and do whatever they can, "I'm strict, I'm a real bear *bends eye brows* i can articulate political opinions 
because I'm happy with my share in society *straightens lip, nods head* *turns on fox news* god i'm intelligent"

So wrong. I mean, What am I supposed to do? What are my options? I feel so powerless and its just. What the hell you 

It's typical for people under such scrutiny to go into fight for flight, and in fight, the US Attorney can get 
"evidence" someone is "violent", when in reality its normal for someone to react to such adverse, unfair 
circumstances like that. Look at Steven Hatfill. How he went up to the FBI that followed him, how they ran over his 
foot. He called the police, he got a ticket. Imagine the injustice that swirled in his life. The innuendo, the 
attitude that would make you believe, ya know this guy is the killer, worst person in the world. But it was all 
fluff, indeed, he was no criminal.

Such witchhunt is the so-called "wisdom" of the crowds, the human nature, that's why civil rights and due process 
exist guys. We need oversight in law enforcement even before hand to make sure this doesn't happen. These guys are 
like spoil kids and all you hear about is abuse, but politicians cave in easily, "It's chilling law enforcement's 
ability to 'investigate'". Please, you can fight crime and respect civil liberties. You can be thoughtful, prudent, 
rational and not ruin people's lives.

Lol. Yes, sure, I'm a criminal. I studied to be a cop. I guess I'm too smart to be one, and too law-abiding. 
Seriously. Apparently.

Or maybe you want to be like Hal Turner, and be the FBI's informant, or useful idiot. Used as if you're someone 
useful, and as a nobody who works at burger king, you wait all your life waiting to hear that. In reality, you're 
held in contempt and used cynically. Hal Turner helped find radical right wing lone wolves, and for his dedicated he 
is charged with a felony doing what the FBI taught him to do. Why? Just why?

He was racist and a radical. But he worked for the gov to find bad guys. And what he gets in return for helping. What 
kind of double standards is this? Why can't we be fair? It's just oppression, "Just cause", that's what it feels like.

If you want to fight crime, try to actually be a cop. Because then you get all the power and ability to make 
"mistakes" and "accidentially' harass people for 2 years and ruin their lives. Nothing happens to cops who do bad 
things. I love how informants give this oscar winning performances, "Look! I can help! I can be useful", and the cops 
all follow you thinking they're in a movie, the world revolves around them, "I bet if we follow this kid into Wendy's 
we'll have a case that'll be on all the news!". Because cops can't use rear view mirrors. damn, some pretty smart 

Dreams. fantasies. Losers. Fakes.

And at my loss.

the son of ram

p.s. oh and btw, I see your honeytrap to see if I would go back and hang out with the "Bad guys" again. As if I would 
be tempted after all ive been through in my life and all the good I have. I love it when idiots come right to my door 
with a subterfuge, I sigh, no one will ever understand. Oh, I'll make sure to have no friends so you won't get them 
to go into my medicine cabinets, try to buy my personal perscriptions or try to entrap me as a cyberstalker or a 
hacker. Perhaps pretext my mom's house as a contruction worker? The red head with facial hair? Big ego smile? Seen 
him driving by me in an unmarked car before as if I'm a hoodrat (rofl), the tape under my car? I presume for GPS 
monitoring, since you don't need a warrant cept in 2 states? 

 Apparently my liberties are oppurtunities to be taken as your liberties. ;-) Enjoy drawing as straws, I'm an idiot 
for even honoring your existence.

"I mean, What am I supposed to do?"
Behave as the sheeple do.

"What are my options?"
When under scrutiny by the guardians of the status quo, relax as you are shafted, it is less painful that way.
Your public face should be one of yes sir, no sir, whatever you say sir.
Your attitude should be I conform, consume and obey, why are you on my case?
Your private face should be visible to only those that you trust, and I say trust no one.

Of course this is all too late if you have already pinged their radar, you now have to convince them they are wrong and 
wasting time in pursuing

"I feel so powerless and its just."
You are powerless against the system. If you had the power you wouldn't be posting here for attention/advice, you would 
do that which was required.

"What the hell you do?"
I keep my head down, I have a few beers, I pay my taxes and be John Doe
I pretend to be that which I am not. I occasionally make a few mistakes... I sometimes post bullshit to FD when I have 
had too much to drink.(I
am learning, I think)But mostly I fly under the radar.

I have hacked nothing. I have never broken a law, I conform, I obey, I think all laws are just and I will support the 
state until my dying
breath and beyond. God save the king, queen, president or dictator for you are my leader and the source of all that is 
good. The system has
shaped me in its image and I comply.

Although pretence is not particularly difficult it is hard to keep up the facade, to be on ones guard 24x7x365.

I have to go... Elvis Costello "Watching the detectives" has just started playing, how ironic, I feel the urge to dance.

Take care
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