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Draw a line under this non-sense, seriously
From: "james o' hare" <jamesohare69 () googlemail com>
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2010 00:17:59 +0000

Dear all,

I just want to say the recent events are nothing to do with n3td3v

I have settled down now with a girl friend and has no interest in doing what
I used to do on the list.

We all make mistakes and yes I made some.

I want to put the past behind me and whoever these kids are who took text
from my blog on Monday, modified it and reposted it I just want to ask to be
left alone.

Folks, I've set my blog to invite-only to try and stop these guys from
posting on the list as a counter-measure, and my Twitter feed is only
running automatically sent news from ZDNet UK.

Honestly, this is an honest message it was nothing to do with me, I was
removed from the list on January 2009 and haven't been back since.

I just want this nightmare to be over with, I was never a troll, not an
intentional one anyway, but there are people (as you've seen since January
2009) wishing to keep it all going and it upsets me, because I am an honest
hard working guy who ment no harm to anyone.

This whole "n3td3v" thing that I created back in the day, a line has to be
drawn under it because this can't go on anymore.

When I post on the list, I was young and naive and thought I was an elite
hacker with a hacker group (at the time), I wasn't an intentional troll,
whatever trolling is.

I just want to be left alone and I want everyone to leave the list alone

I'm 29 and haven't got the energy anymore to try and email people to say
this guy isn't me its just some guy mentioning Yahoo and MI5 to seem like me
because they think its funny.

I've settled down now, I want to move on with my life but whoever is behind
this keeps bringing it back on purpose.

I have a girl friend now, who I am settled with, I want to have a baby with
her eventually, but all these distractions from the Full-disclosure list are
getting in the way.

And you may say, just don't read Full-disclosure anymore and you won't know
if kids are mimicing you and what not, but I am in the information security
industry and Full-disclosure is one of the main mission ciritical lists that
people *need* to look at as part of their jobs, its not like we as security
professionals have a choice but to read the crap people are posting who are
pretending to be n3td3v, an alias I created in my youth nearly 11 years ago

All I am saying guys, is leave me alone now, kids, adults, security
professionals whoever is subscribed, because after all we don't know who is
subscribed because the members list of Full-disclosure is private.

Please leave these guys alone to do their work as security professionals and
leave me alone to raise a family now.

I'm serious, please just stop this now.

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