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Re: Open Letter to Lee Vartan, Assistant United States Attorney in regards to the Goatse Security iPad case.
From: Andrew Auernheimer <gluttony () gmail com>
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2010 03:51:42 -0600

I never made those statements. They seem particularly ridiculous and
not even remotely in my rhetorical style. But for the sake of
argument, I have IRC logs showing that you're a degenerate shit eater:

01:42 < Hujhujhuj> last night I got a train run on me in a sling at a
pozzing party
01:42 < Hujhujhuj> i loved having an ass packed full of semen
01:42 < Hujhujhuj> after it was done 4 hairy bears shit on my chest
01:44 < Hujhujhuj> i packed the delicious feces into my mouth and i
loved every single scrumptious bite
01:46 < Hujhujhuj> im going to get tested later today, i hope its poz,
ive been trying for ages

What do you have to say for yourself?

On Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 3:42 AM, huj huj huj <datskihuj () gmail com> wrote:
ah sorry it was 8k owned macs you wanted to sell to the russians..
how very patriotic of you!!
cunt :)

09:50 <weev> i gotta get some money
09:50 <weev> my cashflow sucks
09:51 <weev> whores
09:51 <weev> lavish cars
09:51 <weev> gigantic places to live

15:05 <weev> does anybody know these russians
15:06 <weev> that they are buying up hacked macs for 43 cents an install
15:26 <weev> i have access to like
15:26 <weev> 8k rooted macs
15:26 <weev> right now
15:26 <weev> and i would like to make a quick $3500

2010/11/18 huj huj huj <datskihuj () gmail com>

yeah takes one to know one
you have always been a nobody chasing fame with silly memes and smalltime
you keep talking about what others have done
well i save starving children in africa
i singlehandedly removed all german pedophiles from pattaya in 2009
i stopped the cold war between usa and cccp
i could go on but i already copied your silly lies too much
let me recap
you have done absolutely nothing to help anyone but yourself
you are a greedy delusional drugaddict(hey i like drugs too but be
all you want is fame for your shattered ego
if you weren't such a joke you would make me sick
have a nice day :)

2010/11/18 Andrew Auernheimer <gluttony () gmail com>

Yawn, another nobody continuing to libel me. I've never performed any
such thing, nor attempted to sell trojaned computers. Continuing to
assert blatant falsehoods only lends credence to my case. Who are you?
What have you done that means anything or helps the world?

On Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 3:24 AM, huj huj huj <datskihuj () gmail com> wrote:
"and keeping US citizens safe from Russian and Chinese organized crime"

"Beyond this, I can't tell you the number of chink and russki botnet
we've popped over the years. As soon as the federales give back our
illegally stolen machines, I'll give you all the evidence you want of
We have years and years of good public service under our belts. Do

hahahahaha you're simply too funny

what you mean is you dumped your own shitty trojan on their systems
ones you couldnt sell...)

we all remember your rant about having 3k mac osx machines for sale

fucking retard you're forgetting that information on the internet
doesnt go

you are a joke and you make me laugh

keep it up :)

2010/11/18 Andrew Auernheimer <gluttony () gmail com>

"The reality is that you are inconsequential to security because you
are a script kiddie."

Perhaps you are confused as to what this term means. Script kiddies
are people who do not produce innovation of their own, and solely run
things downloaded from Packetstorm. I have repeatedly stood up and
done unique things to advance my nation, not just in information
security but in an interdisciplinary manner. As far as my
accomplishments in information security, I recently watched one of
Samy Kamkar's presentations at Blackhat that cites our group
repeatedly. One of our advisories is mentioned in his slides:
and he also states that cross-protocol scripting was "made big" by us.

What about Robert Hansen/RSnake? He said "I don’t see anyone outside
of a handful of people, like Weev, Wade Alcorn, Samy Kumkar, Aaron
Weaver and myself doing this kind of research. There’s literally
thousands of potentially exploitable services out there!" --


RSnake is well respected in the security community. Does he suddenly
not know what he's talking about just for recognizing the validity of
my research? I have stacks of internal government memos highlighting
the implications of stuff we've outlined-- clearly a number of people
think the things that we're doing are notable and have real world

I do not post on this list looking for sympathy-- quite the opposite.
Unlike you, I believe in free speech, and even want to give my deepest
critics a chance to hop into the dialogue.
Finally, your profession deserves to be cheapened. I've actually
attempted to innovate, and who are you? Oh yeah, you're some dude that
hits a button on Core Impact for a living. There are a number of
amazing individuals in the information security community doing great
things, but for every one of them there's a hundred snake-oil peddling
losers who are the real scriptkiddies. Though dated, the PHC
production of the same name rings true for individuals such as
yourself. Maybe you should read it and it'll challenge you to actually
do something useful instead of tossing ad hominems on a mailing list:


On Wed, Nov 17, 2010 at 9:10 PM, R S <fifteenfourtyone () gmail com>

Speaking for only myself, I could care less about your personal /
political views. The reality is you are inconsequential to security
you are a script kiddie. I had read articles about your various high
'trolling' incidents before, but until your asinine post here had
bothered to research you. What I've read was nothing but humorous.
At one
point you claim to hate bloggers, yet in a pre Web 2.0 world, you
and your
Encyclopedia Dramatica generation script kiddies would have no
notoriety at
all. Nobody would care about your bizarre high profile cries for
and personally, I certainly don't.
You are a troll and a script kiddie. Your whiney rants have no place
a mailing list for the security community. I'm sure the kids that
you on various forums eat your crap up, but you will find little
here. You claim constantly to hunt pedophiles, thats great. Somehow
I'm sure
most people in prison have done good in their lives as well as bad.
Hopefully, if my tax dollars do their job, you will have plenty of
time in
the near future to contemplate all of this in jail.
Grow up kiddo. Personally I resent how you and your ilk cheapen this
profession, and applaud law enforcement for doing their job.


From: Andrew Auernheimer <gluttony () gmail com>
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2010 19:06:02 -0600


As with many of my critics, you insist on attempting to libel me and
my character (clearly having an objection to my political views)
honestly debating the merits of my actions and the reality of my
well-received research contributions. I take ad hominem attacks like
in stride with the civility and grace befitting of a Christian man,
you to think more critically before you say more things that
will embarrass you in front of your peers.

"You see no evidence of"

Your implication that because you have not seen evidence of
something it
not happened is fallacious. Regardless, I will enlighten you with
history of our anti-pedophile activity (with links to backdated
pedophile posts detailing our successes against their infrastructure
payment systems, emails with full headers and evidence of ongoing
activity), some of which predates the iPad incident by years.  You
seen any evidence of it because we, unlike many people, do not wear
bit of public service we do on our sleeve. We live in the spirit of

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Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.
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Hosted and sponsored by Secunia - http://secunia.com/

Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.
Charter: http://lists.grok.org.uk/full-disclosure-charter.html
Hosted and sponsored by Secunia - http://secunia.com/

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