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Re: An enemy of the infosec community needs to be brought to justice
From: Christian Sciberras <uuf6429 () gmail com>
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2011 01:06:40 +0100

I must admit this is the first time I heard about this person.

I did the obvious, running a Google search on his name, coming up with the
following page: http://gregorydevans.com/
I sure hope that is NOT in fact his page. Surely an "entrepreneur" knows how
to writing visually appeasing websites, which even a 10 year old could do.

Assuming the above is in fact his site, I took the liberty to criticize
those supposedly "facts".

#1 - I know of another guy that did a similar thing to AT&T. Got caught over
drug issues.

#2 - Some people are permanently glued to TV. Plus, you need acting skills
to appear on TV, not "hacking".

#3 - Whatever. I've repeatedly taught people my own age (an sometimes older)
certain aspects of a certain industry. Not a biggie really.

#4 - Gregory D Evans invented GPS?!! (I was being sarcastic)

#5 - I know a guy that wrote the world's best seller over a security-related
fiction story. He doesn't count himself as the "World's #1 Hacker".

#6 - Uhm, there's always a fist time. Successful writers are usually good at

#7 - Uh, nope?! How exactly does Mr Evans track downloading of his

#8 - Irrelevant.

#9 - Irrelevant. (hint: how many such companies actually exist? the only one
!= the best one can get)

#10 - The effectiveness of such courses could be more relevant. As an
independent developer, I realized one can learn from a 4-hour tutorial more
than one can get from a whole year of CS at Uni.

#11 - Well, there's company which is the only one in history to serve our
company. What about it?

#12 - Must have took a long time to realize this after #6.

#13 - So what? Lots of people writes mobile applications. Speaking of
myself, I write real software, not package some sh*t in a "mobile
application" and call it a masterpiece.

#14 - Irrelevant.

#15 - Only a fool would enjoy his stay of "Fools Weekly". If both channels
have casual viewers as the intended audience, I doubt his stay served any
purpose. Now, if it were a BBC documentary, I'd give some credit...

#16 - Might be because no one else sees it worthwhile?

#17 - Oh God. Seriously.

#18 - I was pretty sure "geek.net" was much more popular. Either case,
appearances may not mean anything. You'd be surprised what a monster of a PC
could be hidden behind a P2-era case...

#19 - It all comes down to what the adjective, "largest", is applied to. For
instance, if it applied to "ugliness and hot air", I'd wholeheartedly agree.

#20 - Uh, no 20?!

It's worth to note that a little time into writing this, I noticed his
WORDPRESS site was DOWN (or, uhm, seems like someone flipped over a switch
;) or several..). Well, Wordpress is a good platform, but his site really
puts Wordpress to shame.
Well, maybe while fixing his site, he might consider getting a professional
10-year-old to do it. Maybe great hackers don't have the time to design
visually appeasing stuff, who knows!


On Wed, Feb 2, 2011 at 7:19 PM, <gregorydevans () aim com> wrote:

"Do not meddle in the affairs of hackers, for they are subtle and quick
to anger"

When one thinks of frauds in the infosec community, most people are
quick to point to Gregory D Evans of LIGATT Security. He's been on TV,
he's been on radio, he's trying to draw as much attention to himself as
possible. This man in no way represents this industry

Many people have done good work in trying to bring him down, and many
of those people have put themselves directly in his line of fire. He's
gone after people at their home to intimidate them and their family.
He's gone after them at their work to discredit them with their
employer. And as everyone knows, he recklessly sues anyone who speaks
negatively of him on the internet.

Enough is enough. He must be stopped by any means necessary. To that
end, at the end of this message is a torrent of the inbox of
gregoryevans () ligatt com; the only condition of receipt is that you not
talk about the spool or this email release on twitter until after you
have the full copy and are seeding it. He may be an idiot but his staff
watch twitter for any mention of him, and it's imperative that this
file be distributed as much as possible before takedown begins.

This release immediately follows with a small regret. Apologies much be
given to all the bystanders, innocent or otherwise. Contained within
his inbox is personal information of many, many people. Social security
numbers, bank account routing numbers, credit reports, and other
reports by private investigators. It was completely impractical to
redact all of this information in any effective manner, and for that:
sadness. If in your search through this release you find personal
information, please contact the person and notify them. Even when GDE
finds out of this breach, it's quite unlikely that he will follow
proper breach notification procedures.

To the victims of Gregory Evans: please speak out. Defend yourself with
the law. Your cause is righteous but he can only be brought to justice
with your help. Don't stop fighting for integrity and truthfulness.

To the employees and former employees of Gregory Evans: please speak
out. We have read about the illegal treatment of you all; do not stand
idly by. Talk to a lawyer about what he has subjected you to. Many of
you have seen his illegal acts and some even asked to perform some on
his behalf. This man is a con artist and will only continue to
victimize people.

To the partners and directors of Gregory Evans' many companies: shame
on you. You took the easy way, following a crooked man in pursuit of
money. Get out now while you still can. All that he has promised you
will very soon disappear. If you decide to hang on, you will be brought
down with him.

To the brave soul who helped make this possible: thank you. You took
great personal risk to bring this information forward, and none of it
would be possible without you. It's unclear how you tolerate his lies
day after day, but you've redeemed yourself by supporting this cause.

Finally, to Gregory D Evans: it is done. All your lies are out in the
open. Your investors will know. Your lawyers will know. Your employees
will know. Your mother will know. Your lovers will know. Just step away
and move on. Stop the stock scams. Stop the lawsuits. Stop the
harassment. Stop robbing your employees. Stop embezzling. Stop
deceiving every person in your life. When your child grows up and
learns about you, the only legacy you'll be leaving is one of deception
and fraud.

Happy Birthday Mr. Evans
archive password will be released shortly

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Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.
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Hosted and sponsored by Secunia - http://secunia.com/

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