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Re: Pen-Testing Companies in Quebec
From: coderman <coderman () gmail com>
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2011 16:03:29 -0800

On Sun, Feb 13, 2011 at 12:19 PM, Lawrence Waterhouse
<lawrence.waterhouse () gmail com> wrote:
you were just a standard network admin. I am sure you have all the
experience and qualification to properly scope and manage a
penetration testing/security assessment engagement.

them's fightn' words, sir!

as for your ability to judge technical merit and capability at a
glance, what is it about joining an existing team of professionals in
an organization spanning 7 years of service in this particular field
that immediately disqualifies someone familiar with the administration
of IT systems, not including any personal interests, professional
affiliations, or related technical endeavors and achievements?

what credentials and skillz vest you authority to so freely deride?
  [you'd think cocky infosecz'ers would learn from the mistakes of
others [0], but then again you'd think i would know better than to do
the same. *grin*]

God luck ...

Greeting from France

i thought you french thinkers of big thoughts killed that multi-omni*
lass/dude/entity. ? [i]

Greeting and goodbye from,
   curious about your point

i.) C.f. ``l'enfer, c'est les autres`` , Q.E.D.

0.) if there's one thing i've learned during my years on this rock it
is that the more i learn the more i discover how little i understand
about the world around me. some people don't know enough to even know
they're clueless - couple this with over-sized ego and you've got a
recipe for retribution!

  without further ado:the abridged collection of comeuppances and
great justices:

0xA+++) HBGary. Instant Classic 4,819.3MiB of amusingly reckless
comedy and staggering hubris.
  "You keep saying things about statistics and analytics but you
haven't given me one algorithm or SQL query statement!".

0xB) zf0 mini-series

  oh the spectacle!, it was ... inspired and timeless. ++

0xD) anti-anti-sec? contrast is always nice for a good perspective... ;)

0xE) el8

0xF) b0g, feh, h0no, .*

...) my high bits overfloweth; at a loss for word and nibble alike, ...

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