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Re: Remedy for Getting Off is Patch
From: Dan Tulovsky <dant () wetsnow com>
Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2011 14:14:09 -0500

This may be a troll, but it reminds me of something a fellow sysadmin
said in a meeting once:

"Firewalls?  Who needs firewalls?  If you properly maintain your end
system, you don't need a firewall."

2011/1/14 Григорий Братислава <musntlive () gmail com>:
Hello full disclosure!!!

  I'd like to warn you about Patches.  As is everyone knows,  patches
is are pieces of is software that software manufacturers is make to
fix their is horrendous programs.  Is you not patch,  you is get
owned.  Gone is under sixty seconds.

As is say on Wikipedia  --  "A security patch is a change applied to
an asset to correct the weakness described by a vulnerability.  This
corrective action will prevent successful exploitation and remove or
mitigate a threat’s capability to exploit a specific vulnerability in
an asset.  Security patches are the primary method of fixing security
vulnerabilities in software.  Currently Microsoft releases its
security patches once a month, and other operating systems and
software projects have security teams dedicated to releasing the most
reliable software patches as soon after a vulnerability announcement
as possible.  Security patches are closely tied to responsible

  As in say by musntlive  --  "A security patch is is a change
applied is to an asset is to correct ignorance and stupidities of
developers of is application because is their application is
ownerizable.  This is corrective action and is nothing more than is
bandaid to prevent temporary exploitation and is remove vulnerability
for short amount of is time.  Security patches is only method of
vendors like is Microsoft is to cover their осёл.  'Is we is Microsoft
and is sure we make sloppy software.'  All software is beta присоска!
And is you is stupid for buying is software.  Security patches is
closely tied with sloppy coding and is rushing to market."

 Is argue by Thor (who is musntlive respect) as is is arguement by
Valdis (who is musntlive respect is усы) is Pete Herzog (who is
musntlive respect) say:  'defense in depth'  --  "the more reason to
implement an array of controls (defense in width) for the interactive
points rather than rely on patches to fix ONLY the problems you know
about."  Now is musntlive lay smack down on is everyone even is I
respect all of you.

 Is Pete you must understand is I pay $40,000.00 or give 10,000
little сурок trade for software  -  I is expect software to is work
how I want is work.  I is build my business on is this application so
when is code is changed now I is has to maybe accept it yes or is not
accept it.  Is I accept is change is software maybe break my system
and is cost me money or possibly worse сурок!! Is who присоска

 Is patch no answer!!  Because is New Year musntlive offers everyone
fair solution to is fix:  OpenBSD.  Now is when you have security
issues since is your machine backdoored is you can ask Theo or the FBI
to fix is your machine.

Thank is you all for support in 2011

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Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.
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Hosted and sponsored by Secunia - http://secunia.com/

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