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Andrew Auernheimer aka weev accused of peddling kiddie porn, sexual blackmail against woman
From: Victor Rigo <victor_rigo () yahoo com>
Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2011 14:17:09 -0800 (PST)

Excerpt from Victim's page:

4) Photos!
So, most of you already know how this happened. I had a boyfriend for three years who lived across the country. I loved 
him dearly, and considered him my soulmate at the time. We sent each other photos. Anyone would in that situation. 
Stupidly, I uploaded some photos to my private photobucket account and forgot about them until looong after our 
break-up, when those photos somehow resurfaced on a porn site. Apparently, some guy had fuskered them (used a program 
to change the file names until unearthing private photos) and posted them. Many of these photos were taken when I was 
16 (you idiots, check the timestamp). The only reason I don't try to get these down off ED or take legal action, which 
I easily could, is because I don't like to deal with trolls. Their game is tedious and pointless. If you ignore them, 
they eventually go away.

5) Why I am hated by 4channers!
Here's the deal. I originally attempted to get a small excerpt about me on Neil's ED page taken down. The mods seemed 
reasonable at first.

Except when it came to me. Weev, the master of some arbitration chat or something, and I had a little conversation over 
IM in which he told me that, in order to take the link to my photos down, I would have to sleep with him in a hotel 

"Weev: i'm an attractive guy
Weev: you want something
Weev: i have it
Weev: you have something
Weev: i want it"

I rejected him (whether or not he was trolling me, I still don't know), and to punish me, a [Victim] ED article was 
started. An article all to myself!

  "Your tip has been successfully submitted."

Encyclopedia Dramatica is a Criminal Enterprise.

Victor Rigo, CISSP
Independent Computer Security Consultant
Buenos Aires, AR


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