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is warning about SCADA security
From: Григорий Братислава <musntlive () gmail com>
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2011 09:21:51 -0400

  hello full disclosure is like to warn you about SCADA software.

  is SCADA software must run on computers and is must power machines
you is rely on for daily life.  is example of SCADA is electric
system.  in is SCADA we has connection : SCADA machine : gear : power
is make sense for SCADA HMI send data to SCADA machine and is SCADA
machine is tell gear 'you is gear and is you must perform'.  Gear is
perform and all is has power for Pravda.ru

  is reason for SCADA is many for to run life we need is SCADA.

  in is this week we has guinea whiny researcher who is blackmail
company 'i find bug you is pay me' and is researcher told 'go to hell
skripk1dd1e' by ZDI and is other white collar vulnerability syndicate
crime organization we is confuse and call vulnerability brokers.
skriptk1dd1e [luigi] is publish vulnerability and is put life in
dangerous place.

  is not reason for this post.  is reason for this post is theo is
otherwise known as god () cvs openbsd org  is theo is dangerous whiner.
for to is you not think like theo is you will not go forward.  is go
forward as in living a single live is no one want to marry you.

  is example

  theo to boyfriend (is no proof is theo ever is has girl):  Dragos is
you think OpenSSH is best in world?
  dragos to theo:  is think random seed is not random is till PRNG is use
  theo to dragos:  no!  is you speak foolish.  is you not use your
brain like me.  is why you not theo, and is why you not know what you
talk about.  i hate you and is i hate the world
  dragos to theo:  [smooch] i is love you theo
  theo to dragos:  is no one understand me.  is people not has my
brain is no worth living
  theo to dragos:  [walking out the door of is Sugar Daddy's on Davie
Street in Vancouver] dragos i is leave you gun shoot yourself.  i is
not can live in misery of is world not on my level

  is now i present new security award to is luigi and theo.  is call:
"honorable is security researcher"  is feel free to is print the award
is you two has earn it http://bit.ly/9Uk2v5

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