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Re: Facebook
From: nix () myproxylists com
Date: Wed, 4 May 2011 02:08:38 +0300

On Tue, May 3, 2011 at 11:41 PM, <nix () myproxylists com> wrote:

Julian Assagne said:

Facebook in particular is the most appalling spying machine that has
been invented. Here we have the world’s most comprehensive database
people, their relationships, their names, their addresses, their
and the communications with each other, their relatives, all sitting
within the United States, all accessible to US intelligence. Facebook,
Google, Yahoo – all these major US organizations have built-in
for US intelligence. It’s not a matter of serving a subpoena. They
interface that they have developed for US intelligence to use.

Now, is it the case that Facebook is actually run by US intelligence?
it’s not like that. It’s simply that US intelligence is able to bring
bear legal and political pressure on them. And it’s costly for them to
hand out records one by one, so they have automated the process.
should understand that when they add their friends to Facebook, they
doing free work for United States intelligence agencies in building
database for them.

Any thoughts on that or is not it quite obvious even? I think everyone
should stop using that fuckbook.

I forgot to add that it's not that long since they've implemented SSL as
an option to prevent sensitive data to be leaked; they're themself the
biggest data maining and leaking company in the world. Quite ironic is

What I found even more funny, i run myproxylists.com and guess what, i
various desperate attempts from the network owned by FB trying to leech
the proxies :)

what do you mean by 'leech the proxies'? And how is this funny?

I can understand their need to block the proxies, for example to prevent
you from registering multiple accounts or otherwise abusing their service.

How I do find it funny? Considering the size of their company and the
method used to build the database of blacklisted IP-addresses against well
protected system. Leeching proxies means - scraping the lists by using
automated scripts. This is not a proper way to do it. Hope you got the
point. They would be better off contacting me directly in a professional
manner rather than raping directly google's search results.

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