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Time diffing & injection attacks
From: airwalker () vmail me
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2011 04:45:30 +0100 (CET)

-==* Attacking Time *==-

"0days are like a box of chocolates - you never know what you get."
        after Forrest Gump

-== Introduction ==-

This short text will discuss how to get capabilities on how 
to change the time as we know it to reach certain personal 
goals of an individuum. This text is not technical and 
refers to real life situations.

-== Time diffing attacks ==-

The topic time diffing attacks refers to a method on how to 
let time work for you in a situation when you need to manipulate
on how fast or slow time should flow. Time as you all should
know is artificial, there is no sign that time even exists as 
we know it. Time is more a phenomenon of consecutive happenings.
Therefore it is possible to change the shift of time. Let's
take the example of a very good situation you are currently in.
You want to achieve that this good situation lasts long? Then
control the time! You can just tell the time to shift into a
continuum of slowliness. So the month will past slow for you.
It will past so slow that you see the effect imminent by 
comparing the time past in different time frames (like a 
different month). If you see yourself in a rather bad situation
and have a bad feeling then let the time flow quickly, control
the time shift to your needs. An example of how to actually
control the time is by making use of the well known law of
attraction: Attract time past slowly or attract time past quick.
If you do not make use of the time shift attack you might see
that looking from an objective view months or even years past
slow or fast depending on the life time you experienced, be
it a fast happy life for example, normally you will experience
a very fast time pasting if you not make use of the attack at
all. Important here is that in a competitive view the time
diffing attack allows you to appear well informed and well
knowing how to handle situations to another being because
you just have _more_ time to reflect views in a slow time
shift, other individuums will recognize this positively because
of their different time continuum. 

-== Time injection attacks ==-

This topic is hard to explain and junctioned with the time
diffing attack. Suppose you want to achieve a specific task
in the future but you are not able to do so in the moment.
Let it be anything, because the time and facts manipulation
attack does not depend on the task you want to achieve. So the
best way to achieve it is to _inject_ an item into the current
time frame in a very slow time shift. Let's take a situation
that you will - for now - in no means achieve your goal. So
you attack the time to be slow and inject the item which will
give you the ability to actually reach the goal into the time
frame. The effect will be that the outside world will recognize
the event take place if you do inject the item often in the
slow time frame. After the injection is done you can shift the
time to any velocity you are in a mood. Be sure to pick up to
the same task after some time and earn the fruits, reach the goal.
"Items" can be specific needs so that the task succeeds but
which are currently not in place.

-== The violet fire ==-
google dork: "violet fire"

That's it for now,
airwalker () vmail me

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