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From: xD 0x41 <secn3t () gmail com>
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2011 18:48:32 +1100

You fucking pieces of shit forget when it was once me who was asking,
for help in regards to mutiple things, and when offered NONE, in
regards to code i later had to find thanks to fucking blakhatz, why
the fuck would i want or care for this list now, forget any
competition i ever started, you clearly want, and, forget to see, even
when it maybe something small for YOU, it maybe NOT for me, yet, i am
hit from every side, nonstop about shit, wich i KNOW there is plenty
of you who also have these codes, and thats exactly why your stfu and
lettin me cop it.Seriously, when i was the one askin , i made NO big
deal, when i was mutiple times confronted with exactly how i acted,
and that was simply to NOT show things, because i did this per person
basis, if i knew i could trust, then they were shown things..and they
will always be shown things, as they remain friends.. the rest of you
who shot your mouths of, watch the hell out, coz you may find a new
user on your system soon called 'arsehole' and all he wants todo is
get root, sdo he can rm it. a nice fuckign wurm you all deserve...
harvesting of your domains, those who spoke out and, bombed me for
shitall, and helped me not one bit when i had my ass on the line for
shit like freepbx :s screw this list, believe it, i will root the
people who annoyed me, one by one, and yes, ill FD that.
now, fuck you all, except the very few, who know who they are . the
rest of you who ignored me, and now dare to backlash chat me about a
crappy bash 0day you DONT have,. go fk yourselfs, and for valdis, i
hope your vt.edu, has a whole slew of new users.... you suckm as any
kind of friend or moderator.... your also, the BIGGEST liar, who
cannot code a thing, on this fucking list.
as for root () fibertel, indeed stfu, it was me on the ophone, just know
that, your job is gone.

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