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From: James Rankin <kz20fl () googlemail com>
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2011 13:51:46 +0000

Consultancy. Hehe.

You seriously need treatment for schizophrenia. Why don't you go and argue
with your alter ego?

Please tell your solicitor he is welcome to talk to mine any day.



On 22 November 2011 13:48, andrew.wallace <andrew.wallace () rocketmail com>wrote:

I think you are mistaken, this email is not sent by my consultancy.

I ask you to retract your statement or face legal action.


Andrew Wallace

Independent consultant


"On two occasions...I have been asked, 'Pray, Mr Babbage, if you put into
the machine wrong figures, will the right answers come out?' I am not able
rightly to apprehend the kind of confusion of ideas that could provoke such
a question."


This document should be read only by those persons to whom it is addressed.
If you have received this message it was obviously addressed to you and
therefore you can read it, even it we didn't mean to send it to you.
However, if the contents of this email make no sense whatsoever then you
probably were not the intended recipient, or, alternatively, you are a
mindless cretin; either way, you should immediately kill yourself and
destroy your computer (not necessarily in that order). Once you have taken
this action, please contact us.. no, sorry, you can't use your computer,
because you just destroyed it, and possibly also committed suicide
afterwards, but I am starting to digress...... *

* The originator of this email is not liable for the transmission of the
information contained in this communication. Or are they? Either way it's a
pretty dull legal query and frankly one I'm not going to dwell on. But
should you have nothing better to do, please feel free to ruminate on it,
and please pass on any concrete conclusions should you find them. However,
if you pass them on via email, be sure to include a disclaimer regarding
liability for transmission.

* In the event that the originator did not send this email to you, then
please return it to us and attach a scanned-in picture of your mother's
brother's wife wearing nothing but a kangaroo suit, and we will immediately
refund you exactly half of what you paid for the can of Whiskas you bought
when you went to Pets** ** At Home yesterday. *

* We take no responsibility for non-receipt of this email because we are
running Exchange 5.5 and everyone knows how glitchy that can be. In the
event that you do get this message then please note that we take no
responsibility for that either. Nor will we accept any liability, tacit or
implied, for any damage you may or may not incur as a result of receiving,
or not, as the case may be, from time to time, notwithstanding all
liabilities implied or otherwise, ummm, hell, where was I...umm, no matter
what happens, it is NOT, and NEVER WILL BE, OUR FAULT! *

* The comments and opinions expressed herein are my own and NOT those of my
employer, who, if he knew I was sending emails and surfing the seamier side
of the Internet, would cut off my manhood and feed it to me for afternoon
tea. *
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