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Re: Fwd: Rate Stratfor's Incident Response
From: Ian Hayes <cthulhucalling () gmail com>
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2012 21:39:07 -0800

On Tue, Jan 10, 2012 at 9:18 PM, Laurelai <laurelai () oneechan org> wrote:
On 1/10/12 10:18 PM, Byron Sonne wrote:
Don't piss off a talented adolescent with computer skills.
Amen! I love me some stylin' pwnage :)

Whether they were skiddies or actual hackers, it's still amusing (and
frightening to some) that companies who really should know better, in
fact, don't.

And again, if companies hired these people, most of whom come from
disadvantaged backgrounds and are self taught they wouldn't have as much
a reason to be angry anymore. Most of them feel like they don't have any
real opportunities for a career and they are often right.

[citation needed]

Microsoft hired some kid who hacked their network, it is a safe bet he isn't going
to be causing any trouble anymore.

Are you proposing that we reward all such behavior with jobs? I've
always wanted to be a firefighter. Forget resumes, job applications
and interviews, I'm going to set people's houses on fire. By your
logic, an arsonist is not only the best person to combat other
arsonists, but due to his obviously unique insight into the nature of
fire, simply must know how best to fight a fire as opposed to someone
who went to school for years to learn the trade.

Talking about the trust issue, who
would you trust more the person who has all the certs and experience
that told you your network was safe or the 14 year old who proved him

This is asinine. WHY would I want to hire someone for a position of
trust that just committed a crime, or at the very least acted in an
unethical manner? More than anything, that person has proven that
while he *might* have the technical chops, he certainly lacks the
ethics and decision making skills to operate in the grown-up world.

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