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Re: XKeyscore sees 'nearly EVERYTHING you do
From: Pedro Luis Karrasquillo <peter_toyota () hotmail com>
Date: Sat, 10 Aug 2013 22:16:15 -0400

TAPs are no longer physical devices a spy installs on a wire somewhere. 
NSA picks this up remotely via a very secret SNMP command. I explained this in detail here:  

I been in networking since 1996... these agencies started installing servers in ISPs at least since ’98. I saw my first 
one in ’99. Just a PC in a locked down rack, and was instructed to connect cable A to our management network, cable B 
to the cellular phone switch, and cable C to a T1 for the FBI. As a young lad, I was VERY curious as to what this 
little machine did. Nobody was able to tell me what it was for, but it was some sort of FCC mandate. After sometime I 
found about CALEA and the lawful intercept stuff I explain above. All cisco ISP routing and switching  gear has the 
MIBs as well as ALL other networking manufacturers cleared for doing business in the US. Wonder why Huawei was so 
maligned and bad mouthed a while back? The Chinese figured out the backdoor and decided to do the same with embedding a 
second backdoor… except that their implementation of the MIB was nonfunctional on purpose… This SNMP MIB will show if 
you do a MIB list on these devices, but actually triggering the command to TAP needs a secret key that I have not been 
able to find anywhere…

So there is no possible way to detect that you are being tapped, and virtually no impact in gear performance at all. 
Certain companies that deal with LEA’s and DoD provide the software that has the key to enable the TAP to happen.

Not to say that all the other optical fiber taps, etc do not happen as well. Just that this domestic spying has been 
going on before 9/11. Now fear determines our rights as a human. I wish there was some way we could fight this back 
without letting the real bad guys win. And people in their lazyness prefer to leave nanny to take care of their duty to 
be vigilant so they can keep watching DWTS and The Bachellorette. Sometimes I wonder if these lazy mass of tea cups 
really deserve to have some of us who are willing to fight for whats right, or should we just crawl deeper into our 
caves and let them be slaves to the plutocracy.

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