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Re: Why PRISM kills the cloud | Computerworld Blogs
From: Noel Butler <noel.butler () ausics net>
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2013 17:08:35 +1000

On Tue, 2013-06-11 at 20:49 -0400, Justin Ferguson wrote:

some parts like certain eastern European countries might have less, but the NSA makes the Stasi look like a boys 

Now, that, that is rubbish. I'm assuming you're German. You're doing
your countries history a disservice with such nonsense and hyperbole.

You assume too much fool, I'm far from German

Yeah, indeed, I remember being at CCC in IIRC 2007 when they came for
Julian. But no really, the German government is *THE* exception in the

There actually are other EU countries as well, with high standards, do
your homework, and I'm not your educator

 they don't spy on you or anyone else, also, we have the london
bridge in Arizona, I bet it would look good over the Rhine, would you
like to be the london bridge?

NFI what that is nor do I care

The good thing about NSA doing this, is in the past 2 days I have 29 clients in Australia  instruct me to move them 
off amazon, gmail, and 365 > - for local hosting with local owned business with no ties to U.S.

Dear god, I hope you don't look up the ASIO or you know, the

I am Australian, and I am fully aware of the eyes of 5, however, my
statement stands, the protections in this country far far far exceed
that of what your country does, and it likely wont be directly to ASIO,
it would be more like ASD, and inside this country they can NOT just spy
on data for the fucking sake of it like your country does, I am aware
that NSA would pass certain information they illegally (by AU standards)
accessed and passed onto ASD or the like,  however, if AU data stayed
within AU, there is no chance in fuck your out of control govt can
access it to pass onto our spies, nor any way our spies can locally
access that data without a court order, something the NSA is apparently
even required to get to spy on its citizens (but does not need to spy of
non US citizens - which is where the outcry is), but clearly doesn't
from all the CNN reports I;ve seen.

anyway, I better let you trundle off to your office in the NSA now ta

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