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Re: Port scanning /0 using insecure embedded devices
From: Jeffrey Walton <noloader () gmail com>
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2013 17:25:18 -0400

Many of them are based on Linux and allow
login to standard BusyBox with empty or
default credentials.
Forgive my ignorance, but what does the authentication problem (or
lack thereof) have to do with linux/uclibc/busybox? It seems to be a
manufacturer problem (for example, Actiontec) or an  integrator
problem (such as Verizon or Comacast), unless I am missing something.


On Sun, Mar 17, 2013 at 7:54 PM, internet census
<internetcensus2012 () mail com> wrote:
---------------------  Internet Census 2012  ---------------------

-------- Port scanning /0 using insecure embedded devices --------

-------------------------  Carna Botnet  -------------------------

While playing around with the Nmap Scripting Engine we discovered an amazing
number of open embedded devices on the Internet. Many of them are based on
Linux and allow login to standard BusyBox with empty or default credentials.
From March to December 2012 we used ~420 Thousand insecure embedded devices
as a distributed port scanner to scan all IPv4 addresses.
These scans include service probes for the most common ports, ICMP ping,
reverse DNS and SYN scans. We analyzed some of the data to get an estimation
of the IP address usage.

All data gathered during our research is released into the public domain for
further study. The full 9 TB dataset has been compressed to 565GB using ZPAQ
and is available via BitTorrent. The dataset contains:
- 52 billion ICMP ping probes
- 10.5 billion reverse DNS records
- 180 billion service probe records
- 2.8 billion sync scan records for 660 million IPs with 71 billion ports tested
- 80 million TCP/IP fingerprints
- 75 million IP ID sequence records
- 68 million traceroute records

This project is, to our knowledge, the largest and most comprehensive
IPv4 census ever. With a growing number of IPv6 hosts on the Internet, 2012
may have been the last time a census like this was possible. A full documention,
including statistics and images, can be found on the project page.

We hope other researchers will find the data we have collected useful and that
this publication will help raise some awareness that, while everybody is talking
about high class exploits and cyberwar, four simple stupid default telnet
passwords can give you access to hundreds of thousands of consumer as well as
tens of thousands of industrial devices all over the world.

No devices were harmed during this experiment and our botnet has now ceased its

Project Page:


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