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Fw: Fw: Fw: Justice for Molly (cops killingcivillians)
From: "Jerry dePriest" <jerryde () mc net>
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2013 07:26:01 -0500

90% of the posts on here are illegal in some form or fashion. It's not a personal attack, it's full disclosure on how 
one can track info using http://archive.org/index.php no one looked at that aspect.

To Johnny law dog: The software maker can over ride what you listed with their own disclaimer so thats bullshit. Ask 
Kevin Mitnik...

Don't tell me what to post, I don't tell you what to post or what not to post...

thanks for keeping this thread alive. You could have just stfu, but no........

I said sorry and dropped it, you're the ones keeping it going, THANKS!

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From: Jeffrey Walton 
To: Jerry dePriest 
Cc: Full Disclosure List 
Sent: Friday, March 29, 2013 7:10 AM
Subject: Re: [Full-disclosure] Fw: Fw: Justice for Molly (cops killingcivillians)

Go do illegal activities such as reverse engineering

The DMCA (PUBLIC LAW 105–304) has exceptions for reverse engineering and security testing and evaluation. The RE 
exemption is in Section 1205 (f) REVERSE ENGINEERING). The ST&E exemption is in Section 1205 (i) SECURITY TESTING.


On Fri, Mar 29, 2013 at 8:00 AM, Jerry dePriest <jerryde () mc net> wrote:

  who made you the boss of FD? Ive seen similiar posts and bullshit like April fools jokes posing as 0-day and such. if 
you dont like it, move along. Go do illegal activities such as reverse engineering for 0-day exploits or holes in 
facebook so you can scare the rubes.

  man, try to do something good and I get blasted... Bryan, there is a short bridge waiting for you to take a long 
walk... By the looks of your myspace page you're anti social and a troll... We'll you got me. I forogt New Zeland is 
just another offshoot of the penal colony Austrailia used to be. You can't help it, it's in your genes...

  Spamming? UCE my mailings were not. They were informative, like this list is supposed to be. You liken my postings to 
the likes of Netdev and other assholes who truley UCE'd this list to death.

  btw this is the PERFECT place for this type of discussion. Who made you the fucking moderator of fd? You do a 
horrible job...
  I have been on this list since 2005... My postings are gold compared to the viri and other 'spolits people try to con 
people into.

  1. Let's discuss how his facebook account was hacked along with others so no forensics are available. (Feds, gotta 
love em)
  2. Let's discuss how her facebook account was hacked to say she took a bunch of pills THEN shot herself.
  3. Let's discuss what a douchebag you are for downplaying something by putting it into the scope of a chain letter? 
That's confirmation you are in fact a true douchebag...


  Antisocial troll... Go remove your myspace page and maybe you wont look like such an ass, whole.

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