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Re: XXE Injection in Spring Framework
From: Mark Thomas <mthomas () gopivotal com>
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2013 12:47:23 +0000

On 04/11/2013 19:26, /-\\ndrew /\//ady wrote:
Was Pivotal informed about these advisories and was there any
collaboration from them?
The current stable is 3.2.4

Yes, Pivotal was informed of these issues by Alvaro Munoz of the HP
Enterprise Security Team who discovered them and reported them
responsibly to the Pivotal Security Team.

Yes, there was collaboration between Alvaro Munoz, the Pivotal Security
Team and the Spring developers as we worked through which vectors were
an application responsibility, which were a framework responsibility and
how each each was going to be addressed.

I'd have to go back and check my archive in detail to be certain but
from memory the vectors that were an application responsibility already
had a warning in the documentation and that warning was expanded. Some
new utility classes were also provided to make it easier for users to do
the right thing.

For the vectors the framework was responsible for, entity expansion was
disabled by default (it was enabled by default in some cases - hence the
vulnerability). Where an option to control entity expansion didn't
previously exist one was added so that applications that were processing
XML from trusted sources and wanted / needed to enable entity expansion
could do so.

See also:


Pivotal Security Team Lead


On Saturday, November 02, 2013 07:04:59 AM MustLive wrote:

I'll give you additional information concerning advisory XML External
Entity (XXE) Injection in Spring Framework

Affected products:

- 3.0.0 to 3.2.3 (Spring OXM & Spring MVC)
- 4.0.0.M1 (Spring OXM)
- 4.0.0.M1-4.0.0.M2 (Spring MVC)
- Earlier unsupported versions may also be affected

Affected vendors:

Spring by Pivotal.


The Spring OXM wrapper doesn't disable external entity resolution when
using the JAXB unmarshaller (SAXSource and StreamSource instances are
vulnerable). Also Spring MVC processes user provided XML with JAXB in
combination with a StAX XMLInputFactory without disabling external entity

Besides standard vectors of attacks with XXE Injection vulnerabilities
(such as local file inclusion), which are usually mentioned in
XXE Injection also allows to conduct attacks on other sites. And with
using DAVOSET (DDoS attacks via other sites execution tool) it's possible
to automate such attacks.

I wrote about such attacks in my 2012's article "Using XML External
Entities (XXE) for attacks on other sites"
August/008481.html) and 2013's "Using XXE vulnerabilities for attacks on
other sites"
August/008887.html). As I described in my articles, XXE vulnerabilities
be used for conducting CSRF and DoS attacks on other sites (and at using
multiple web sites it's possible to conduct DDoS attacks). And my tool
DAVOSET can be used for conducting such attacks via XXE vulnerabilities.

In October I released video demonstration of DAVOSET:

So all vulnerable web applications with affected versions of Spring
Framework can be used for attacks on other sites via XXE Injection.

Best wishes & regards,
Administrator of Websecurity web site
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