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population controls and the Paul Holdren controversy
From: Gadi Evron <ge () linuxbox org>
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2009 08:29:28 +0300

I'd like to use a manufactured political controversy to suggest a real
discussion: Population growth as an existential risk.

I doubt there is any among us who doesn't recognize the challenge
increased population size presents, be it with food or energy.
Economists dating back to the 18th century did, long before any global
warming scientists.

One thing non of these economists considered, though, is the fact that
in advanced nations population growth is negative. An interesting issue
all on its own.

I'd like your opinions on the subject matter.

As to the controversy: It ties in well with my last discussion thread on
press trickery and empty rhetoric.

When I find an article that is very persuasive, no matter how base-less,
unsubstantiated and full of logical fallacies it may be, I stop and
admire the job done by the authors. This time they decided to
character-assassinate Obama's Science Czar, Paul Holdren. And they, the
winners, are Fox News.

The article title says it all, in loaded language:

      "Obama's Science Czar Considered Forced Abortions, Sterilization as
Population Growth Solutions"

What likely happened:
30 years ago, Obama's Science Czar considered global warming, and
described it from every angle, including the problem of population
growth. He discussed many varying solutions to it--in a whopping
1000-pages book.

Fox news takes this fact, demonizes the guy, and ignores the last 30
years of his work. Fascinating butchery job!

They mainly use loaded language, repeating their claims ad nauseam, ad
infinitum. And last but not least, ad hominem personal attacks.

They also, begging the question, assume guilt by speaking of the Senate
not doing its job properly screening the guy, rather than discussing
what he supposedly said. Discussing the senate confirmation failing
means that they automatically lead us to assume guilt.

One could hope that opposition to Obama would be a bit smarter than
this, and he certainly has done things I dislike. But hey, realpolitik FTW!
I may not watch Fox News as it insults my intelligence, but if the
strategy of Fox News works, as it obviously does, politicians with the
would be silly not to make use of such measures.

You can find this very persuasive--b/s--article here:

I am once again taking notes, this is fascinating and persuasive, no
matter how base-less and unsubstantiated.

Gadi Evron,
ge () linuxbox org 

Blog: http://gevron.livejournal.com/

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