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Re: 2013 predictions...
From: Ned Fleming <ned () kaw us>
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2012 11:52:24 -0600

On Sat, 08 Dec 2012 13:20:48 +1300, "Nick FitzGerald"
<nick () virus-l demon co uk> wrote:

I just hope that I'm not already too late to be the fiirst person to 
predict that 2013 will be _the_ year of mobile malware...

Bold, very bold.

As Barack Obama says, I speak with great humility. 

On 7 December 2010, I made the following predictions about Julian
Assange. You will be amazed. 

Assange is a self-promoting doofus, who's in way over his head. But he
is a strong and active thinker-doofus, not a weak and lazy one.

My prediction for 2011: 

      Assange will be extradited to Sweden

      He will be convicted of a misdemeanor.

      He will pay a small fine (2 whores? 2 krone.)

      He will write a book.

      He will make lots of money.

      He will retire to a hacienda in Bolivia.

      Oliver Stone will film his life story.

      He will spawn a race of mutant Aussie-Bolivians who become the
first uberhumans to inhabit another planet. That planet will
ultimately dominate the galaxy. And everybody will live happily ever
after. The end.

So, you can see I'm optimistic.

He released a book a week back and he's living in de jure Ecuador. 

So he's on his way to getting rich, and all he needs is a tunnel from
his tiny bit of Ecuador in old Blighty to the big Ecuador on the other
side of the planet. 

Soon (less than two years), that tunnel will be made available to him
in the form of an agreement between the SwedeGov and the BritGov to
let Assange skedaddle to Ecuador, the land of opportunity, and avoid
the USGov.

The Ecuadorians don't give two llama patties about any old Swedish
whoors. Assange can send them a few centavos and a postcard.

Yes, Ecuador isn't a Bolivian paradise, but it's close enough. The
altitude will do him good.

As for who will film his biopic, I've changed my mind. It will be
Michael Moore instead of Oliver Stone.

And his spawn will be Aussie-Ecuadorians. Living at altitude, they
will be that much closer to the stars.

Still optimistic,

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