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IBM Sponsors Free G7 LIVE Magazine [well sort of live]
From: David Farber <farber () central cis upenn edu>
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 1995 11:34:56 -0500

IBM Sponsors Free G7 LIVE Magazine

Brussels, February 20, 1995 . . . IBM today announced it will
sponsor a live electronic news magazine to bring reports of next week's
Group of Seven conference to the world. The G7, which is composed of the
seven leading industrial nations, meets here on February 25 and 26
to discuss the information society and to agree on principles to
make the global information infrastructure a reality.

IBM will launch "G7 LIVE," which will be published in five daily
editions, beginning February 24. The magazine is free of charge, and
will highlight conference discussions and their impact on the
information technology field and the general public.

Anyone who wants to subscribe can receive the publication via Internet
e-mail by sending an e-mail to <get () g7 ibm com>. G7 LIVE will also be
available on the IBM world wide web at <http://www.ibm.com> beginning
February 24.

Tabor Griffin Communications, a pioneer in electronic publishing with
experience in text-on-demand magazines WEBster and HPCwire, will provide
the daily electronic coverage of the event.

                 @@@@@    @@@@@@@
                @              @        @     @  @     @  @@@@
               @              @        @     @   @   @   @
              @  @@@@        @        @     @    @ @    @@@
             @    @         @        @     @     @@    @
             @@@@@         @        @@@@  @      @    @@@@

         Your source for news from the G7 World Conference on the
                       Global Information Society

               A Tabor Griffin Communications Publication

         =                                                     =
         =            G7 LIVE is made possible by              =
         =                                                     =
         =                The IBM Corporation                  =
         =                                                     =
         =      To read G7 LIVE on the IBM World-Wide Web      =
         =                point your browser to                =
         =                 http://www.ibm.com                  =
         =                Beginning February 24                =
         =                                                     =

 Thank you for subscribing to G7 LIVE. Your first issue of G7 LIVE
 will appear in your e-mail box by Friday morning, Feb. 24. Subsequent
 issues will follow every morning through Feb. 28, keeping you informed
 on conference proceedings and decisions. This service is free of charge.

 As a subscriber to G7 LIVE you will receive a detailed table of contents
 that will give you the option of ordering the full text of articles directly
 from your e-mail program. The number of articles you order, which articles
 you order, how you choose to read them and who you care to share them with
 is completely up to you.

 Individual articles are catalogued by the five-digit number that appears
 directly to the left of the headline in the table of contents. You'll
 receive a table of contents every morning in your e-mail. To order articles,
 you send an e-mail message to <more () g7 ibm com>.

 In the subject line, type the index number(s) of the article(s) you would
 like to receive. No message text is required.


          TO: more () g7 ibm com
          FROM: reader () abc org
          SUBJECT: 10001 10010 20003 20011

            -- no message text required --

 You may request as many articles as your subject line will accommodate at
 one time.


 get () g7 ibm com  -- Share this address with others who are interested in
                    receiving G7 LIVE

 more () g7 ibm com -- This is the address you use to retrieve full articles

 help () g7 ibm com -- Write us here if you have questions or trouble
                    retrieving articles

 comments () g7 ib com -- This is where you can send your feedback, positive
                       and negative

 info () g7 ibm com -- This address will give you detailed information about G7

 remove () g7 ibm com -- Use this address to remove yourself from the G7
                      LIVE mailing list

            G7 LIVE is made possible by the IBM Corporation.

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