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Remember the paper on concerns re the GII, well here is a case -- the finish anonymous server
From: David Farber <farber () central cis upenn edu>
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 1995 19:24:43 -0500

From: an0 () anon penet fi (The Anonymous Administrator)
Organization: Anonymous contact service
Reply-To: an0 () anon penet fi
Date: Sat, 18 Feb 1995 12:03:58 UTC
Subject: Anon.penet.fi compromised!
Lines: 36

I am pretty shocked! Based on a request from Interpol, the Finnish police have
gotten a search&seizure warrant on my home and the anon.penet.fi server, and
gotten the real mail address of a user that has allegedly posted material
stolen from the Church of Scientology. Fortunately I managed to prevent them
from getting more than this one, single address.

There is going to be a very high-level public debate on how it is possible
that a country that prides itself on honoring human rights and privacy very
strongly has allowed this to happen. Maybe we can use the publicity to
stop this from happening again.

But in this situation, I find it pretty understandable that some of you might
want all traces of your ID removed. I have now added the alias
"remove () anon penet fi" to my server. If you want to be removed, just send
a (possibly empty) message to that address. But I am hoping it won't be
empty. I am hoping that you do outline *why* you have needed the server,
and what you think about the actions of the Finnish authorities.

The messages will be anonymized using the normal anon.penet.fi procedure,
and used to support the demand for a re-interpretation of the privacy laws
in Finland.

If you *don't* want to be removed, but still want to send a comment, you can
use the addresses anon-support () lists otol fi (if you are *for* keeping the
server) and anon-against () lists otol fi (if you are *against* the server).
If you want to be anonymous, use anon-support () anon penet fi and
anon-against () anon penet fi 

        Julf (admin () anon penet fi)

To find out more about the anon service, send mail to help () anon penet fi 
Due to the double-blind, any mail replies to this message will be anonymized,
and an anonymous id will be allocated automatically. You have been warned.
Please report any problems, inappropriate use etc. to admin () anon penet fi 

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