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ACM Computers Seized by IIT [ where is the ACM to help their
From: David Farber <farber () central cis upenn edu>
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 1995 19:09:24 -0500

Posted-Date: Thu, 19 Jan 1995 19:00:27 -0500
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From: bebeada () ripco com (Adam Beberg)
Subject: ACM Computers Seized by IIT
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Date: Thu, 19 Jan 1995 04:26:01 GMT
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ACM Computers Seized By Illinois Institute of Technology

  "And let it be known throughout the world what was done this day..."

Dateline January 17, 1995

Today sometime before noon today, the Illinois Institute of Technology seized
the computer systems of the Association for Computing Machinery student chapter
at IIT.

700 Student and Faculty users are not happy.

And are now without their Email and other private files. The locations of the
ACM systems is currently unknown, and the security of the system and the
accounts on it is highly questionable, as it was quite literally riped out of
the wall. ( a piece of the modem was found lying on the table ).

The reasons given by IIT where that members of ACM are suspected of hacking
into the computer of another IIT student group, and pulling several pranks.
The memo sent to the Dean of Students details the hacking attempt, but no
evidence points to ACM's systems or to any of their users, but the memo does
make several unbacked accusations. And at this time, we can see no reason ACM
would even be tied to the events. However because ACM members are suspect, the
systems where unlawfully seized by IIT.

IIT has no legal right to seize ACM's systems, nor anyone else, as they contain
private accounts, files, and Email.
Such rights are protected under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act
(ECPA), which extended most of the protections of the federal Wiretap Act
("Title III") to electronic mail.
Precidence established in the case Secret Service vs. Steve Jackson Games
decided March 12, 1993

Needless to say, ACM members are not too happy about all of this.
And the other 700 people don't seem happy either.


Dateline January 18, 1995

   o Members realize that along with Troll, which is physicaly considered IIT's
     property even tho it was purchased with student funds, property of ACM
     members was also seized includind a network card, SIMM modules, and the
     modem that was broken by IIT during the seizure.

   o ACM recieves writen copy of allegations and supposed proof that ACM
     systems where used in the attempt. However the evidence clearly shows that
     other IIT owned systems where used and NOT ACM's systems.

   o Electronic Frontier Foundation is called and informed of the situation,
     and begins investigating the situation.


   o Word continues to spread amung the IIT community, many more students and
     faculty are outraged about the seizure of their accounts and files.

   o Continued stress to students due to the lack of access to their Email,
     addressbooks, and other files. Email is now being lost in mass due to the

   o ACM systems removal, much of which is considered critical by many people.
     ACM members miss the Chicago ACM meeting due to the fact that all the info
     concerning time/location was stored on the seized systems.

   o ACM members miss the Chicago ACM meeting due to the fact that all the
     info concerning time/location was stored on the seized systems.

  To be continued...

This document would be on the ACM-IIT Web site, but we don't have one anymore.

So now it lives at http://xtreme.acc.iit.edu:4242/~bebeada/ and is mirrored at
http://rci.ripco.com:8080/~bebeada/ACM.html for when IIT seizes the first site.
And will be updated as events happen.

                       Adam Beberg
       Chair - Association for Computing Machinery - IIT
  bebeada () mail acm iit edu - NO WAIT, IIT SEIZED THAT SYSTEM
                now it's bebeada () ripco com

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