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Re: A bit more (last I promise) on my Year end editorial
From: David Farber <farber () central cis upenn edu>
Date: Tue, 3 Jan 1995 21:43:05 -0500

I think this discussion is valuable enough to continue it for a while.


From: mort.meyerson () x400mail dcu ps net
Date: 3 Jan 95 19:26:00 -0600

     Dave, you can use this or not with attribution or not!

     From Mort Meyerson at Perot Systems in Dallas

     I hate to enter this discussion since I am neither an engineer or
     scientist. BUT, I did work for 3 years as the Chairman of the SSC
     (super conducting super collider) commission in Texas and I have been
     involved in the high tech business front for 31 years. When the
     funding (SSC) stopped I was appalled. Not for Texas, but for the USA.

     My basic reasoning was the same as Dave put below. I don't want my
     children (now young adults)having the option of hamburger flipping or
     selling the latest detergent from Japan/Europe/anywhere.

     The current vibes sent out by Washington these days seem to say, "if
     it is scientific, then let the private sector do it". Maybe true in
     some areas, but to cut off research and needed skills in mundane
     places like fish and wild life, not to mention high tech research is
     short sighted at best and crazy at worst.


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Subject: A bit more (last I promise) on my Year end editorial
Author:  farber () central cis upenn edu%SMTP at x400po
Date:    1/3/95 7:14 PM

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I will add a small note as to why I think it is important
to do such projects from the US perspective (you can read
this for any country). It was originally sent as a response
to my Move it or Lose It editorial when the person said:

"Looks like you *do* believe in science projects"

I said:

"Actually I believe in creating good jobs for my children
and their children and creating the financial wealth to
cure some of our society problems. We can do neither if we
cook hamburgers and get flooded by other nations

In my view the US is heading toward a belief structure that
will allow technological innovation and leadership  to
immigrate off shore and will justify it as in our best
national interest. Maybe... But I doubt the validity of the
argument. What will be left will either be a nation of
shopkeepers and hamburger flippers or a widely separated
two class society with one needing eventually to be

Technological leadership is expensive but the lack of it
may be more expensive to our future and the traditions we
hold dear.

End of year end sermon


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