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PERL/RSA t-shirts for Americans only
From: Dave Farber <farber () central cis upenn edu>
Date: Sat, 27 May 1995 17:57:32 +0900

From: Richard Fritzson <fritzson () susq com>
Date: Fri, 26 May 95 13:55:57 EDT


DESCRIPTION:  The shirts are 100% cotton black t-shirts.  The front has
perl/RSA encryption code on the front in two forms: in text in a machine-
readable font and in a machine-readable barcode.  This is what makes it,
theoretically, a munition under the laws of the United States of America.
On the back you will find the First, Ninth, and Tenth Amendments to the
USA Constitution, crossed out, and a comment about how the shirt is a
controlled munition.  The shirts are not available in alternate colors;
the ink on the front will be glow-in-the-dark white and that stuff doesn't
show up at all well on colors other than black (unless it's part of a
larger design, which it isn't in this case).

These shirts were conceived of by Josh Osborne (stripes () uunet uu net) and are
being marketed and produced by Joel Furr (jfurr () acpub duke edu), yours truly.

These shirts cannot be sold to non-American citizens; if you are not an
American citizen, it is technically illegal to sell it to you and while it
is unlikely that I would be put in prison for selling it to you, I would
prefer not to take that chance.  Accordingly, please read on for how one
goes about demonstrating that you are, in fact, an American.

COST: The shirts are $12.36 each.  This breaks down as follows:

$8.25 - shirt itself, with art on it
$ .58 - setup charges
$ .53 - North Carolina sales tax paid at the screen printer
$3.00 - postage (priority mail within USA)
- ------------------
$12.36 - total

Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL (add $1), and XXXL (add $2) are available.  If you
want the shirt in a long-sleeved form, add $2.25, and if you want the
shirt in the form of a sweatshirt, add $7.00.  Please note, as above, that
alternate colors are not available for this shirt; I'd like to keep things

DEADLINE TO ORDER: All orders for these shirts must be postmarked by June 1,
1995.  Any orders postmarked after that date cannot be guaranteed shirts.


SPECIAL REQUIREMENT:  As this shirt is theoretically a 'controlled munition'
under the laws of the United States of America, it cannot be sold to foreign
nationals.  In order to purchase this t-shirt, you must, in your order, send a
photocopy of documentation proving that you are, in fact, an American citizen.
According to governmental agencies I've checked with, there are only two
things that will suffice:

* An American passport
* An INS (Immigration and Naturalization service) naturalization certificate

Birth certificates won't work, because you might no longer be an American
citizen; other forms of ID like driver's licenses and Social Security
cards can be obtained by resident aliens.  I apologize for the necessity
of seeing your passport, especially if you don't have one, but it's the


SEND ORDERS TO: Joel Furr, 916 W. Trinity Avenue, #10, Durham NC 27701.
Make checks payable to Joel Furr.

SHIPPING: Shipping is included in the cost of the shirt, unless you live
outside the USA.  If you are an American national living outside the USA,
add $3 for additional postage unless you live in Canada or Mexico, in
which case you should only add $1.

DISCLAIMER: These shirts are being made on a break-even basis.  The cost
of the shirt is exactly calculated to cover the cost of production and
postage.  You may, if you want, include a contribution to cover the time
spent entering orders, working with the screen printer, and mailing, BUT
YOU ARE NOT EXPECTED TO.  It is totally up to you, and your order will be
treated the same regardless of whether you do or not.  This disclaimer is
included because the producer of the shirts (Joel Furr) feels very
strongly that advertising in newsgroups for profit is an abuse of the
Internet's 'social compact' and hence should be avoided.

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