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IP: Some more Farber gadget reports
From: David Farber <farber () cis upenn edu>
Date: Wed, 08 Oct 1997 07:42:04 -0400

I have been using the REX Pc Companion now for over a month. It is a pccard
size appointment book, contact book and to do list system with a sharp
readable display. The way you get info into it is to enter it via a pc , I
use my libretto, using Starfish personal manager then plug in the REX and
synch. It is so small I keep it in a money clip Sharper Image sells and
then it is with my money and drivers license and credit cards (2). 

When I make new appointments I have a card in with the REX and I write it
on the card and enter it when I get home. 

Lots smaller than the Pilot and about as useful for me and always with me.

As most of you know, any device that I use for over a month is useful (at
least for me) so I recommend you take a try at using it.

I wish it had a way of interchanging info with another REX (via IR). Then
when I am in Japan we could present REX business cards to each other and
beam the info to each other. It would save many trees.

Second item I have been using is the RAMFirst two way messaging system. It
is a belt carried unit that has a small keyboard and a modest display. I
can receive messages and send them while walking, riding on the train or
even in the john. it uses the RAM data network for communications. I have
been using it for two months and like it a lot. I filter and route
important mail to it from my normal mail accounts. Battery life is very
good and I use Sony AA Ni-CD rechargeable that I picked up in Tokyo that
last forever (like a week). Real useful system for me and I suspect for
many, keep you posted.

Finally I have just started using the Q-phone and Sprint CDMA service in
Philly. I have not used it long enough to get a sharp reading but I like
the Q Phone (battery life may be a problem I will report more latter).
Sprint service may deserve a full note latter this week!!!!!


"Photons have neither morals nor visas"  --  Dave Farber 1996

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