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72 messages starting Oct 02 97 and ending Nov 01 97
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Thursday, 02 October

IP: Thought For The Day... David Farber

Friday, 03 October

IP: Anne Wells Branscomb David Farber

Saturday, 04 October

IP: WIPO Debrief by Dept of State David Farber
IP: PGP "Everything the FBI ever dreamed of" David Farber
IP: The Electronic Privacy Papers: A new book by David Farber
IP: Bangemann Speech David Farber
IP: Farnet's Washington Update 10/03/97 David Farber

Monday, 06 October

IP: Pocketnet [Well we will see.. I will try to get one and David Farber
IP: Re: PGP "Everything the FBI ever dreamed of" David Farber
IP: Secure DNS Implementation in BIND David Farber

Tuesday, 07 October

IP: Re: PGP "Everything the FBI ever dreamed of" David Farber
IP: National Research Council Forum on Imaging and David Farber
IP: SUN sues Microsoft over Java David Farber
IP: can 40 million Frenchman be right? [from Edupage] David Farber

Wednesday, 08 October

IP: NTIA Exerting dubious Stewardship over DNS NOI - open David Farber
IP: Some more Farber gadget reports David Farber
IP: Personal Web site for wireless/wired use David Farber
IP: on netgambling Excerpt from Forbes Sept. 8, 1997 David Farber
IP: Request for contact David Farber
IP: Telstra Legal Challenge to FCC David Farber
IP: EVENT - Join Rep. Dreier LIVE Online Tonight David Farber
IP: MSNBC debate tonight about child porn & the Net David Farber

Thursday, 09 October

IP: re: Telstra Legal Challenge to FCC David Farber

Friday, 10 October

IP: A Major Intelligence Challenge -- Toward a Functional David Farber
IP: MS Response to SUN sues Microsoft over Java David Farber
IP: EFFector 10.10: Decoding the Crypto Debate David Farber

Saturday, 11 October

IP: Network taxation is REAL and HERE David Farber

Monday, 13 October

IP: Network taxation is REAL and HERE David Farber
IP: Fwd: Announcing the GTE GIFT Grant Program for K-12 teachers Dave Farber
IP: Netizens -- the book Dave Farber
IP: schwartzgram from the Washington Post Dave Farber

Tuesday, 14 October

IP: a response by Greg Simon on Cook on NTIA and DNS NOI Dave Farber
IP: DARPA request for proposals on NGI Dave Farber
IP: here we go again Dave Farber

Wednesday, 15 October

IP: Clinton - Gore selling out Internet to ITU to Preserve Key Dave Farber
IP: British DNS lawsuit Dave Farber
IP: : Apologies Dave Farber
IP: Privacy Week in D. C. October 20-24, 1997 Dave Farber

Thursday, 16 October

IP: PGP Key Escrow and Congress Dave Farber
IP: Re: P Key Escrow and Congress David Farber
IP: Re: P Key Escrow and Congress David Farber

Friday, 17 October


Sunday, 19 October

IP: Digital Signatures David Farber

Monday, 20 October

IP: an interesting book from RAND -- Strategic Appraisal 1997 Dave Farber
IP: CATO Institute report on Domaine Name issue Dave Farber

Tuesday, 21 October

IP: A Beehive in their Bonnet, from The Netly News Dave Farber

Wednesday, 22 October

IP: alternative (bad) to clipper Dave Farber
IP: strange. the last issue of edupage was dated Aug 1995 Dave Farber
IP: those French again Dave Farber
IP: Re: those French again -- IMPORTANT NOTE... Dave Farber
IP: those French again [ attention French police!!!!] Dave Farber
IP: CRA-B on NSF Appropriations Dave Farber
IP: The unknown message is... Dave Farber

Thursday, 23 October

IP: what does Dave Farber

Friday, 24 October

IP: they cannot keep their hands off Dave Farber
IP: SuperJANET III Contract Signed Dave Farber
IP: Statement on Research Dave Farber

Saturday, 25 October

IP: now why ever bother to memorize the periodic tables Dave Farber
IP: who needs info warfare Dave Farber
IP: netday real link Dave Farber

Sunday, 26 October

IP: who needs info warfare -- a bit more Dave Farber
IP: Fall Back! Time Change Impacts Wide Range of Devices Dave Farber
IP: Europe spikes spooks' e-mail eavesdrop bid [rather Dave Farber

Monday, 27 October

IP: V CHIP FOR PC? Dave Farber

Tuesday, 28 October

IP: FYI #128 - Science Education Assessment Dave Farber

Wednesday, 29 October

IP: Appraising Microsoft and Its Global Strategy Dave Farber

Thursday, 30 October

IP: CWD-Computer Isn't Criminal Dave Farber
IP: Going once, going twice ... Dave Farber
IP: it is all a computer illusion (from RISKS) Dave Farber
IP: call your broker (from RISKS) Dave Farber

Saturday, 01 November

IP: Hundt & Irving, speeches on GII and regulation Dave Farber
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