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IP: Text of Network Week Citation (I just calculated I may be the poorest on the list) PLEASE SEE FIRST PARAGRAPH
From: Dave Farber <farber () cis upenn edu>
Date: Wed, 30 Dec 1998 13:01:32 -0500

For those of you who don't have or want a Network World signin (I recommend it so you can read the other citations and 
the also ran) djf

ALSO for those who think pumps me up to get such things -- lots of other awards gave me a hell of a lot more 
satisfaction  -- like the SIGCOMM and the John Scott. The last paragraph of the write up is in fact the reason I stay 
in academia.  To paraphrase -- I have done great work because I have stood on the shoulders of giants and have had 
great students. I am prouder of my students than my awards. People like Merlin, Postel,  Parulkar, Sincoskie, 
Szurkowski etc  to name a few are my legacy and that is what an academic should be proudest of.

The 25 most powerful people in networking

Network World, 01/04/99 

This is a Renaissance man, indeed. 

David Farber is a faculty member of the Computer and Information Science and
Electrical Engineering departments at the University of Pennsylvania, teaches
in the school's new Telecommunications and Networking master's program and
serves on the faculty council of the SEI Center for Advanced Studies in
Management at the Wharton School. He's also director of the Distributed
Computer Laboratory, where his cutting-edge research on high-speed networking
has brought him a great deal of visibility in the industry. 

As if all those academic duties weren 't challenging enough, consider that
Farber is also on the board of directors for the Electronic Frontier Foundation
and is a member of the board of trustees for the Internet Society. Oh yes,
Farber is also an advisory board member of the Center for Democracy and
Technology, he's given 10 years of service to the National Research Council's
Computer Science and Telecommunications Board, he's involved in the Internet2
effort and, piling up the credentials, he's a fellow of the IEEE. 

Did we mention that in his spare time Farber serves on the industrial advisory
boards of AT&T, Earthlink, Covad Communications, Torrent and Metricom, among
other companies? And that he runs the widely read and respected Interesting
People mailing list on the 'Net, where he opines about people, technology and

Along with his advanced thinking on networks, Farber has his Farberisms -
unique twists of speech, including, "A lot of these arguments are fetious" and
"Come down off your charlie horse." (Find a whole list at

FARBER'S CHALLENGE: One of the most gifted and outspoken people in the field,
Farber is shaping the thinking of key people in the industry. But his job may
be the toughest anyone faces - training the next generation of leaders for the
network industry. It's difficult to think of someone better qualified for the

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