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IP: NTK on Gates' Anti-Breakup Arguments...very interesting insight.
From: Dave Farber <farber () cis upenn edu>
Date: Sun, 14 May 2000 21:04:19 -0400

From: "Rob Raisch" <info () raisch com>
To: "Dave Farber" <farber () cis upenn edu>
Date: Sun, 14 May 2000 17:55:44 -0400

         A hushed public awaits: and, in the pages of Time magazine,
         Bill Gates puts THE CASE FOR MICROSOFT. But years of
         conviction play with a man's recollection. Every every one
         of Bill's arguments points to the company's guiltiest
         moments. With a split Microsoft, he begins, a future MS
         "tablet PC" with handwriting recognition would not exist,
         because Microsoft's OS and App developers need "real-time
         collaboration" to pull it off.  But MS had designs on a
         "tablet PC" before: when they wrote Pen Windows, a
         piece of FUDware designed to kill Jerry Kaplan's GO.
         Back then, Microsoft bristled at any suggestion that their
         OS and App departments colluded. Now the party line is that
         it's vital for the consumer. In 1991, Gates goes on to
         explain, MS Office developers invented the toolbar. "Had
         toolbars been created elsewhere, they no doubt would have
         been patented and never incorporated into Windows [as the
         taskbar]". How very true: except toolbars *were* invented
         elsewhere. In MacPaint. In 1984. At that point, Gates
         entered into a secret agreement with Apple to use
         Mac-ish features in the Windows OS, in return for developing
         apps for the Mac (no monopoly here: yet). Moving to modern
         day concerns: Bill says that the DOJ scheme would slow down
         innovation, impeding "Windows updates that could protect
         against attacks like the Love Bug virus". As opposed to now,
         when Microsoft denies liability for the jelly-weak security
         of Outlook? Gates end with his own horrific vision,
         post-Microsplit: Apps and OS mini-Bills that could never
         work together, because the DOJ demands that "no technical
         information can be discussed that is not 'simultaneously
         available' to the entire computer industry - which would be
         a practical impossibility". An impossibility, of course,
         which open source projects - and hell, most of the rest of
         the industry - manage every day.  Except, that is, when
         Microsoft sues for publishing MS's proprietary extensions to
         their work. And this is the case *for*?
             - well, that is where my theory just falls to the ground
               - cute pictures of old Mac apps to take bad taste away
                                          - this isn't helping, is it
                                           - the smoking gun! (see centre

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